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  • n. A colorless gas, C3H8, found in natural gas and petroleum and widely used as a fuel.

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  • n. An aliphatic hydrocarbon, C3H8, a constituent of natural gas.

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  • n. A heavy gaseous hydrocarbon, C3H8, of the paraffin series, occurring naturally dissolved in crude petroleum, and also made artificially; -- called also propyl hydride.

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  • n. A gaseous hydrocarbon, C3H8, of the paraffin series, found in crude petroleum: made by reducing isopropyl iodide with zinc and hydrochloric acid, or by the action of hydriodic acid on acetone, glycerol, etc. It is liquid below—17° C.

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  • n. colorless gas found in natural gas and petroleum; used as a fuel


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prop- (from propionic acid) + -ane


  • So, unless someone persuades me that MX propane is significantly different than what we're used to, we'll probably be installing a Bosch propane water heater within the next few months in coastal Colima.

    Tankless propane water heater.

  • I have been trying to get comparison data on the web as to how much propane is saved.

    Tankless propane water heater.

  • And yes, we have observed a significant savings in propane ...

    Tankless propane water heater.

  • The recalled propane was sold in five states — Alabama, Arkansas, California, Mississippi and Tennessee — by more than 30 different distributors (read the recall notice) from January 2008 through October 2008.

    Recalled fire extinguishers and propane pose fire risks

  • The products are then evaporated and steam stripped to recover the propane, which is recycled.


  • The grill on your patio burns a compressed gas called propane (C3H8). News

  • The weekly oil report from the US Energy Department showed a big increase in total commercial petroleum stocks, including increases in crude oil and all the major refined products except propane, which is used heavily for heating in the rural Midwest which just experienced a cold snap.

    Financial Options

  • It was described as a propane space heater, the kind we're told are not ideal for small, closed areas.

    Local Headlines - ABC 13

  • Iowa has had spot shortages of propane, which is needed for grain dryers at elevators and on-farm storage, as the crop has come in carrying more moisture than usual. - NEWS

  • Unaccustomed to the idea of propane fueling vehicles, many people question if it is a safe alternative to diesel fuel.



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