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  • n. The set of proteins expressed by the genetic material of an organism under a given set of environmental conditions.
  • n. The complete set of proteins that can be expressed by the genetic material of an organism. Also called complete proteome.

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  • n. the full complement of proteins produced by a particular genome


from The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 4th Edition

prote(in) + (gen)ome.

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Blend of protein and genome.


  • The term proteome “proteins that are encoded and expressed by a genome” was coined in 1994 by Marc Wilkins, then a graduate student at Macquarrie University in Sydney, Australia.

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  • The research team at Nizam's Institute of Medical Sciences University in Hyderabad, India, set out to see if there was a difference in the pattern of protein expression, called the proteome, in type 2 patients compared to patients without diabetes.

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  • "The question is: Can we then group all living organisms based on the whole proteome, that is, the assembly of all proteins, instead of using just a selection of a small set of proteins, which is equivalent to using a small set of genes?" said Kim.

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  • The scientists catalogued the proteins produced in the cell, the RNA molecules transcribed from the DNA genetic code, and the chemical reactions which make up the cell's metabolism - also known as the proteome, the transcriptome and the metabolome.

    Scientific American

  • idea 1: well, in addition to the drug databases, it's also called the proteome bioknowledge database. they pay phds to populate genetic databases by reading papers. it's extremely useful for yeast, less so for humans so far..

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  • a much greater challenge will be elucidating function of the extraordinarily complex web of interacting proteins, dubbed the proteome, that constitutes and powers all living things.

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  • Together, mapping the human building-blocks at the genome and proteome level has the potential to transform modern medicine.

    Scientists Reach Midpoint of Protein Study

  • It seeks to emulate the success of the Human Genome Project, focussing on the previously uncharted human proteome.

    Scientists Reach Midpoint of Protein Study

  • We altered the proteome of mammary gland cells in our clonal herd of cows, so that the milk would contain the oligomeric building blocks of the synthetic fibers you wanted.

    Eight Maids a'Milking

  • Although the virus is "new", it can't be confirmed that it or a cousin proteome of it has existed previously because we don't normally look for such viruses in the pig population.

    Swine Flu-- Normal or Malignant?


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