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  • adj. Of, relating to, or resembling fat or sebum; fatty.
  • adj. Secreting fat or sebum.

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  • adj. of or relating to fat, sebum
  • adj. oozing fat

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  • adj. Pertaining to, or secreting, fat; composed of fat; having the appearance of fat.

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • Pertaining to tallow or fat; made of, containing, or secreting fatty matter; fatty.
  • In botany, having the appearance of tallow, grease, or fat: as, the sebaceous secretions of some plants.
  • In anatomy and zoology:
  • Fatty; oily; greasy; unctuous: as, sebaceous substances: specifically noting the secretion of the sebaceous follicles.
  • Secreting, containing, or conveying sebaceous matter: as, a sebaceous follicle, gland, or duct.
  • Same as pearl-tumor, 2.

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  • adj. containing an unusual amount of grease or oil


from The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 4th Edition

Latin sēbum, tallow + -aceous.


  • (These oil glands - scientifically termed sebaceous glands - are associated with the hair vesicles of the skin.) And as the cells within these oil glands increase in number at such a rapid pace, they cause the glands 'outlets to be obstructed.

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  • The pores in your skin contain oil producing glands called sebaceous glands that release oil called sebum.


  • The hair canals are connected to a gland that produces an oily substance referred as sebum and the gland that produces sebum is called sebaceous gland.

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  • Hair Premature graying, baldness, dandruff, seborrhea (excessive secretion oily material by glands of skin called sebaceous glands.

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  • Drake stood back in and eyed the pitcher, a heavyset kid with a face oozing sebaceous oils that only a blind mother could love.

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  • The bacteria, the skin cells, and the sebaceous matter together form a stinking mass called smegma.

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  • These live on dead skin cells and sebaceous matter, a fatty substance which is excreted through small glands in the skin.

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  • From page 141 on: It turns out that human horns, anomalous growths consisting entirely of concentric layers of keratinized epidermal cells with a tendency to originate on the sites of sebaceous cysts, warts, or scars, are 'far more frequent than ordinarily supposed,' according to Drs. George Gould and Walter Pyle (Anomalies and Curiosities of Medicine; New York, Julian Press, 1956, p. 222).

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  • Seal's (Hobart Town) sebaceous cysts sentimentality


  • The Shining: A great horror movie and a horrible situation for many men with overactive sebaceous glands.

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