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  • interj. "Lo! There it is", ta-da, presto


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French voilà


  • With the expression voila! was heard a loud kiss, impressed on the check of the baron, then Lili Kerth, the gleaming of silk, diamonds, eyes, and hair turned toward the door of the antechamber and saw Kranitski.

    The Argonauts

  • Felting happens at my home all the time – I forget to hang dry a sweater, put it in the dryer and one hour later there it is also known as voila!

    Regretsy – Kitty Glitter

  • Oh yes, it's a fine idea in theory, but in Gmail, if I need to find serial numbes (something I've need to do several times in the last year) I can just search for the game name voila! - most clicked links

  • I took my equipment with me, fired it up and "voila".

    Daily Politics show: Nick Griffin of the BNP & "June"

  • The spelling correction comment was a joke and in response to another post that indicated how to spell 'voila'.

    Sound Politics: The Path to 9/11

  • On the other hand, most Mexicans patiently and delicately untie the knot, often without looking at it, and "voila" the bag is open without any damage done to it.

    Feeling Nuts In Mexico

  • Many black Americans chose to leave the States during the first half of the twentieth century due to racism and segregation laws, and before you could say "voila," a bustling African-American cultural scene had developed in the City of Lights, where some of the greatest writers and jazz musicians set up shop in the Latin Quarter and Montmartre.


  • Corporate special interests and their lobbyists exercise their outsized influence and "voila", reform is still born or at best born "developmentally challenged" (don't want to be politically incorrect here).


  • The users simply insert the old battery plug into the package's cutout, align the cords to match polarity, and, "voila," there is the correct battery for the cordless phone.

    TWICE - Digital Imaging News

  • Add all of these ingredients together, forget about possible repercussions in the Hereafter, and 'voila', you have yourself one might sweet deal to live the rest of your


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  • Should be voilà

    Pronounced vwa-la. Means 'Look there' cf voici

    July 20, 2008

  • NOT so completely and entirely. Both have exactly the same letters! ;oD

    August 31, 2007

  • French. An expression of success or satisfaction. Roughly translated, means "check it out!" Pronounced "wah LAH." Completely and entirely different from viola.

    May 30, 2007