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  • adj. Of, pertaining to, originating in, characteristic of, or deriving from Islam.


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Islam + -ic, adjectival suffix.


  • He said, OIC is an islamic organisation and is confined to Islamic nations and has no role to play in the internal affairs of the Secular India.

    JK Panthers demonstrated agasnist OIC & also demanded de- recognition of OIC from the panel of UN

  • No jizya was the tax for non muslims in an ISlamic state who felt they should not par take in Islamic practice of Zakat.


  • Kindly introduce islamic rules step by step as it is turned ito heaven for criminals and sexual pleasures, dont let them un chem, non muslims gaining grounds in Islamic countries, they are demanding right sin malysia one day they deman temples, churches etc., a momin will not tolerate this.


  • First of all, while the new strategy document specifically cites al-Qaeda as the biggest threat to the United States, it no longer uses the term "Islamic fundamentalism" for the same reason the Bush Administration stopped using it, because it is counter-productive to a policy that relies on the assistance of Muslims to be effective.

    Reza Aslan: Obama's "Weak", "Politically Correct" Counterterrorism Plan Will Make Americans Safer

  • As for the galleries' name, scholars have been grumbling for a while now about the term "Islamic art," which seems too limiting.

    The Many Paths Toward an Islamic Aesthetic

  • The term "Islamic caliphate" often stirs fear of an Islamic uprising where Muslims will acquire global political control.

    Harris Zafar: Demystifying 'Caliphate'

  • In the context of what Emir Tokay was doing, the term Islamic science refers to a rather bizarre hybrid of modern science and Islamic mysticism practiced by Muslim fundamentalists.


  • Meanwhile Lieberman criticized the executive branch of government for refusing to use the term 'Islamic extremists,' saying, "I think some people in the administration feel it will compromise our relations with the broader Muslim world."

    Yahoo! News: Business - Opinion

  • And when it announced that it was dropping the term "Islamic" from the galleries' name, it took flak.

    The Many Paths Toward an Islamic Aesthetic

  • Let Senator McCain continue to use the term Islamic terrorism and increasingly demonstrate how ill-prepared he is to make the connection to the long-term occupation of Iraq and real global security.

    Thoughts on Tweaking the ‘War on Terror’ Message - The Lede Blog -


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