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  • Eye dialect spelling of bet you.
  • Can be sure of it.


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Bet + -cha.


  • [O] ne might even argue that you betcha is American for "Yes, we can."

    Propeller Most Popular Stories

  • "Oh, you betcha," she said - and one might even argue that you betcha is American for "Yes, we can." Top Stories

  • But I guess if you are delusional enough to buy into her "fantasy land of La-La Lies and Myths" then hey, a wink-wink and a "ya'betcha" is all the requirement you need.

    Palin reaches the 1 million mark

  • I'll "betcha" that the same Sarah Palin who opposes both health care reform and the economic stimulis, is the same Sarah Palin who would fully support a Republican President spending trillions of taxpayer dollars to bomb, invade, and occupy countries like North Korea, Iran, and Cuba. cheryl

    Palin warns of 'disturbing' health care rationing

  • I hope the Republicans are listening ( "betcha" they are not).

    Poll: Two-thirds support stricter financial regulations

  • You can "betcha" Palin will use that angle for all it's worth.

    Joanne Bamberger: Sarah Palin: Going Rogue to the White House Or Someplace Else?

  • And, I mean, really and truly, imagine if a man, a male candidate, were just sort of saying "betcha" and winking, and all of these histrionics that only a woman could do, and yet it's a very unserious way to behave if you're running for vice president of the United States.

    CNN Transcript Oct 5, 2008

  • Most certainly she should reimburse the state, but "betcha" she'll have a good reason why she shouldn't. News

  • (Are they actually going to type out "betcha" phonetically?)


  • Either way, and with that "betcha" grating voice and the vocabulary of a car salesman in North Dakota, Palin's a bad joke, a stroke of desperation that confused the public for a while but they're not that dumb: the vast majority even of Republicans don't think she's qualified.


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  • Sometimes I miss that accent. :-)

    July 22, 2007

  • Aw jeez, yer darn tootin' it's Scandahoovian! And I guess that was your accomplice there in the woodchipper eh?

    July 21, 2007

  • Usage: "Ya, you betcha!" (Scandahoovian), of which I am half.

    July 21, 2007