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  • n. A team sport whose main objective is to dodge or catch balls thrown by the opposition.
  • n. The ball thrown in this sport.


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  • Anonymous said ... lol so true, the small and fast (like me) are gods at survival in dodgeball

    I hated gym.

  • Adjusting to the rhythms of American life, I immersed myself in dodgeball, Saturday morning cartoons and sugary cereal.

    Marsha Mehran biography

  • Rove reminds be of Ben Siller’s character in dodgeball when he hits the women when she is already out and headed for the bench.

    Think Progress » Fitzgerald: Crossing Ts, Dotting Is

  • David Broder commented that Clinton plays "dodgeball" on the question of leaving Iraq:

    Hillary Clinton on Ending the War in Iraq: A Lack of Presidential Leadership

  • It's also unrelated to handball, which is totally different, and is played with something usually referred to as a "dodgeball", named after the sport for which it was created.

    KICK! Back - Anil Dash

  • In the film, overweight teachers recover painful gym class memories, as a reenactment flashes of a 1950s-style gym teacher making children perform unspeakable tasks like push-ups, sit-ups, and jumping jacks before he informs them with blood-curdling severity, “Okay, boys and girls, today we’re gonna play a game called dodgeball.”


  • An official with the National Association for Sport and Physical Education said the game isn't listed among dangerous activities the group bans, such as dodgeball, but it isn't one they'd endorse, either. - News

  • • HBO's "Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel" (10 p.m. Tuesday) takes another look at schools that have banned things such as dodgeball and instituted activities such as "shadow tag," jump rope without the rope and "air-fives" (because high-fives violate the no-touching rule). - RSS

  • Go to the CAX Web site and type "dodgeball" in the search window. Sports

  • For many reasons, such as dodgeball, clinic, too tired, errands, no money, etc, I haven't gone to as many restaurants as I thought I would have.

    BC Bloggers


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  • Doge Duck Dip Dive and......Doge!

    May 28, 2009

  • I loved poison ball as a kid. Also, at my school we played a variation called king ball.

    March 5, 2009

  • Generally known as poison ball in Australia. The (children's) game, that is.

    March 5, 2009

  • Verb meaning to acquire a company and destroy it through neglect, as Google did to Example: "Do you think Yahoo! is going to dodgeball jumpcut?"

    March 5, 2009

  • Dodgeball (or dodge ball) is the name of a traditional game taught in physical education classes in the U.S. and Canada as well as other such parts of the world, usually in elementary school, but is played in middle, high school, college and as a professional sport as well. It is also popular in informal settings and is often played by schoolchildren on a playground or in a gym. There are many variations of the game, but each involve players trying to avoid being hit by a ball that players on the other team are throwing at them.


    January 28, 2008