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  • An international paper size (229mm x 324 mm)
  • A military plastic explosive; see C-4 (explosive)
  • A class of canoeing in sport
  • cervical vertebra 4
  • C4 carbon cycle
  • proper n. Abbreviation of Channel 4 (“the British television channel”).


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  • "They called C4, which is Mexico's emergency dispatch system and advised them that they had been lost for two days, were stranded, dehydrated, and were going to light a signal fire to attempt to get some help," said Cal Fire spokesperson Roxanne Provaznik.

    Knowledge is Power

  • Popular indie Apple developer conference -- Chicago-based "C4" -- canceled because organizer is sick of Apple's close ...

    Megite Technology News: What's Happening Right Now

  • Popular indie Apple developer conference -- Chicago-based "C4" -- canceled $AAPL - full reversal on $GS right after they took my stop out?

    Stock Market Analysis at DeepMarket

  • Goodwill is also working with the Aspen Institute and others on the Community College/Career Collaboration - also known as the C4 project.

    Jim Gibbons: Goodwill Supports Investing In An Education

  • Plants employing this so-called C4 pathway use carbon dioxide more efficiently than those with the normal (C3 or Calvin cycle) photosynthesis.

    4 Questions and Answers

  • However, grasses have repeatedly evolved a variation - known as C4 photosynthesis - that uses less water, and is thus a particular advantage in hot, dry places, or when carbon dioxide levels are low.

    NYT > Home Page

  • The designers of the high rise, known as C4, hope to turn the back door of Sydney into the front step. | Top Stories

  • She has a rare genetic disease called C4 Complement Deficiency, that involves the immune system having "inadequate levels of complement proteins," which leaves the body more prone to infections.

    Center for American Progress Action Fund

  • The divorcee and single mom has a genetic disorder called C4 Complement Deficiency, and there are no known cures.

    Yahoo! Buzz US: Top Stories

  • Those grasses, known as C4 grasses, which thrive in dryer climates, replaced many of the previously dominant grasses, known as C3 grasses. Headlines


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