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  • noun A unit of pressure that is equal to approximately 1.316 × 10−3 atmosphere or 133.3 pascals.

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  • noun A unit of pressure that is equal to approximately 1.316·10-3 atmosphere or 133.3 pascals.


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[After Evangelista Torricelli.]

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Named for Evangelista Torricelli, an Italian physicist


  • The residual gas pressure is the primary indicator of quality, and is most commonly measured in units called torr, even in metric contexts.

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  • An arterial blood gas determination of 50 percent FiO2 mask was pH 7.35, pCO2 30 torr and pO2 152 torr.

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  • The best-known sweet at Christmastime is turr ó n , or torr ó in Catalan — a nougat made from sugar, honey and egg whites.


  • At 10-9 torr, it'll take a thousand seconds, about 17 minutes.

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  • Eli, at a pressure of 10-6 torr, you get a new monolayer in about a second.

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  • Climate scientists require an isotropic emission signature from gas phase CO2 at 255 K and 400 torr to make their models work.

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  • I mean, while I was publishing this post you're reading now, the following arrives in my in-box: cannabis camille. chard the itsappian tribesman blimp marksman torr checkup. drawn we cottrell, expurgate we harelip Yexpand crayon?

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  • There are a very few words - brock, for badger being one, combe, meaning a deep valley, and which appears in some English village names and in contemporary Welsh, another, torr, a mountain peak - which seem to have survived, at least among those who speak preciously or somewhat pedantically today.

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  • The antiprotons could be stored for many hours, circulating inside a tube under exceptionally high vacuum (10-12 torr) to prevent them from being destroyed too quickly in encounters with normal matter, i.e. in this case with residual air molecules.

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  • The opposite side had likewise fields below, with one grey farm house peeping in sight, and red cattle feeding in one, and above the same rocky woodland, meeting the other at the quarry; and then after a little cascade had tumbled down from the steeper ground, giving place to the heathery peaty moor, which ended, more than two miles off in a torr like a small sphinx.

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