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  • adj. Having to do with acrobatic maneuvers, such as spins, twirls, and flips, performed by an airplane.


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Blend of aero- and acrobatic


  • Initially, the Hanchettes thought pilots interested in aerobatic maneuvers would be their primary customers, but after 9/11 — when long lineups at airports became common — the brothers thought of reaching out to business executives who preferred a smaller and faster plane.

    Kit Aircraft Loops, Rolls in Air Like Fighter Jet | Impact Lab

  • It was the thought of his body flying in front of the car then doing some aerobatic maneuver that has me stunned and reliving the event.

    Archive 2009-07-01

  • No wonder that, when the RAF needed a name for their most aerobatic aircraft, they called it the Harrier jump jet.

    Birdwatch: Pallid harrier

  • WASHINGTON Reuters - A plane in the British Royal Air Force's "Red Arrows" aerobatic team crashed on Saturday, killing the pilot, after a performance at an air festival on the southern coast of England, authorities said.

    British Royal Air Force "Red Arrows" plane crashes, pilot dies

  • The planes they used were British, the Folland “Gnat” — as used for many years by the RAF Red Arrows aerobatic team.

    Think Progress » CIA’s top spy: U.S. intelligence hasn’t ‘suffered at all’ from banning waterboading.

  • Patty Wagstaff, a champion U.S. aerobatic flier, said Ms. Skelton was an inspiration to generations of women pilots.

    A Match for Men in the Skies

  • —The second deadly air show crash in 24 hours has left one pilot dead in West Virginia and prompted the National Transportation Safety Board to dispatch an investigator to the site where an aerobatic demonstration plane plunged into a runway and exploded as spectators looked on.

    One Killed in West Virginia Air Show Crash

  • The T-28 aerobatic team is known as the Trojan Horsemen and its website says Jack "Flash" Mangan is part of the alternate wing.

    One Killed in West Virginia Air Show Crash

  • Less than 24 hours later, the pilot of a 1950s-era T-28 aerobatic plane was killed after losing control and smashing into at an airfield in Martinsburg, W.

    Air Shows Draw Scrutiny

  • Balance, coordination, reaction time, a feel for the airplane, gunnery, the ability to calmly perform complex aerobatic maneuvers while under fire, a talent for thinking and acting quickly even while upside down or tumbling or out of control — these were all vitally important.

    The Last Ace


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