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  • n. A piece or pad of blotting paper.
  • n. A book containing daily records of occurrences or transactions: a police blotter.

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  • n. a piece of blotting paper in a pad as a piece of desk furniture
  • n. a daily register of arrests and other events in a police station

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  • n. One who, or that which, blots; esp. a device for absorbing superfluous ink.
  • n. A wastebook, in which entries of transactions are made as they take place.

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • n. A piece of blotting-paper or other device for absorbing an excess of ink or other fluid, used especially in writing.
  • n. In com., a waste-book in which are recorded all transactions in the order of their occurrence.
  • n. The current record of arrests and charges in a police office: called in Great Britain a charge-sheet.

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  • n. absorbent paper used to dry ink
  • n. the daily written record of events (as arrests) in a police station


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  • Then, too, every time we make a landing on an island, part of our strength, like water, soaking into a blotter, is absorbed in the men and materials that must be left there.

    The Unfinished Task

  • It was also where I was introduced to a variety of drugs, including paper acid, called blotter acid back then.

    Blue Rage, Black Redemption

  • But that takes sometimes a more sophisticated and -- pulling those stories together sometimes takes a bigger reporting effort than the blotter, which is an accurate way, but sometimes it's as it happens, we're putting it out and watching it develop.

    CNN Transcript May 21, 2006

  • Spread out on the blotter were a quantity of envelopes.

    The Vesuvius Club

  • Almost obscured by the blotter was a tenth envelope, a tell-tale mauve in colour and edged in black.

    The Vesuvius Club

  • On the right of the blotter was a movable calendar giving the day of the week, date and month.

    Hercule Poirot's Casebook

  • On the blotter was his speech, and a sheet of paper on which was written the address of the retreat.

    The Confessions of a Caricaturist, Vol 2 (of 2)

  • Etc. Refer to the daily call blotter found on the City's website.


  • Judging from the very-buried police blotter, which is so invisible it has ZERO deterrent value, and no memory or reporting, the Lindens spend most of their time policing sandboxes and care more about alts who refused to provide their RL information, and newbs selling out of public sandboxes, than they do about gross behaviour in the hubs or WAs.

    World of SL

  • Unless it's in the obituaries or police blotter, that is.

    The Writer Mama Riffs


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  • Sheets of paper which are soaked into an LSD solution, dried, and perforated into small squares of individual dosage units. The paper is then cut into small square pieces called "tabs" or "hits". The user can then absorb the LSD out of the paper using his/her tongue, or simply swallow it. Individual producers often print designs onto the paper serving to identify different makers, batches or strengths, and such "blotter art" often emphasizes psychedelic themes.


    February 4, 2008