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  • interj. Syllable used when humming a tune.

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  • An obsolete spelling of dumb.
  • A simplified spelling of dumb.


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  • Right here it goes '_Tum_ dee-dee _dum_ dee-dee _tum dum dum_.

    Cheerful—By Request

  • Pelle's head, and round about it went, striking the most improbable objects, _dum, dum, dum_, as though in wild, demoniacal obedience to the flute-like tones of the journeyman.

    Pelle the Conqueror — Volume 02

  • When Aeneas first sees Dido in all her stately beauty, he says: [440] in freta dum fluvii current, _dum montibus umbrae lustrabunt convexa_, polus dum sidera pascet, semper honos nomenque tuum laudesque manebunt, quae me cunque vocant terrae.

    The Religious Experience of the Roman People From the Earliest Times to the Age of Augustus

  • And what if you're embarrassed, or maybe * dum dum dum* you even like it, a little or a lot, and so, drunk off your head and tripping balls, you say -

    Natalia Antonova

  • Sara pallin screamed in her first speach America needs more energy, stupid numnuts, you need to consume less in order to become free from the saudies…drilling a joke there is no oil field that can support a consumer the size of the USA in this hemisphere, believe me they would have found it in the past 40 years…It just mind boggles and frustrates me how dumb people can be running behind this party, how many more hurricanes do you need to understand global warming is real for example…you will have an amount of storms in years to come that go beyond any record, stronger then your saphire simpson scale goes and you still dont see the need to reduce emissions..dum dum …dum

    Sarah Palin’s Alaskonomics

  • Ne - qne mo6 nihil tefiamento reiiquit, fed 3e vo« luit Naficam itfcire nihil fibi lega um; atque ex ejus dolore ac meftitia gaudium fi6i aftVi« tim rifumque dedit So/dum») Seu dotem filis, feo debitam du - dum fummam pecunise iutegram.

    Quinti Horatii Flacci Opera

  • Socilized medicine (HEALTH CARE) wow again dum dum dum medicaid is a GOVERNMENT run program.

    Freshman Dem: Passing health care reform worth losing my seat

  • I really do not get why some people who do not watch lost hate it so much, most of them have not watched more tha 3 or 4 episodes in no particular order and then proceed to call it dum because they do not know what is going on.

    LOST, The Best SF Show on TV

  • The Great Gazoo was always trying to help the humans, he called dum-dums, although he always seemed to cause more problems for them.

    The Church of the Great Gazoo

  • What is usually known as the dum-dum bullet is a 'soft-nosed' one: but the regulation Mark II. is also made at the dum-dum factory, and the

    The War in South Africa Its Cause and Conduct


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