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  • v. To travel from one end of something to the other.
  • v. To execute or carry out.
  • v. To examine or scrutinize (a number or series of things), especially in a regular order.
  • v. To enact or recite the entire length of (something).
  • v. To undergo, suffer, experience.
  • v. To wear out (clothing etc.).
  • v. To progress to the next stage of something.
  • v. To reach an intended destination after passing through some process.

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  • v. apply thoroughly; think through
  • v. go or live through
  • v. go across or through
  • v. eat immoderately
  • v. pursue to a conclusion or bring to a successful issue


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  • Marc Wishengrad and Christy Musumeci later interviewed Stu about the decision to go through with the amputation.

    Manifesting Michelangelo

  • The Arab League/Lebanon/Perm Five meeting was utterly incoherent, although Amr Musa, himself a former Egyptian perm rep before becoming foreign minister was more than ready to go through our Saturday draft line by line to tell us what was wrong with it.

    Surrender is not an Option

  • To tell the difference, first go through the reasoning summarized in Chapter 15; then when the sense that the “I” is self-instituting falls apart, and it vanishes for your mind in a vacuum, switch the topic of your investigation from the “I” to your body, or some part of the body, such as your arm.

    How to See Yourself As You Really Are

  • Nancy and I and Dr. John Hutton, a senior White House physician, held a strategy session: Should I go on to Camp David as scheduled, then return to the hospital in a few days and go through the whole business with the Go Lightly again?

    An American Life

  • Somehow, it is decided that the bride/corpse/manikin will go through the ceremony instead of me.

    The Women’s Room

  • Carter added reassuringly that while he had to go through these processes of selectionI knew as of some months ago that you were my choice.

    In the Shadow of the Oval Office

  • The Relay for Life event at Caudill Middle School is scheduled to go through the night June

    The Richmond Register Homepage

  • Sadly, there are some individuals who go through life operating like a photographer whose camera has no view-finder.

    A Mind at a Time

  • I go through all that trouble to get you evidence, to prove to you that I would never lie to youwhich, by the way, I should never have had to doand this is how you repay me?


  • When the would-be abortion customer beholds, for the first time, the reality of her unborn baby—not a grainy, difficult-to-decipher, old-fashioned sonogram, but a modern, crystal-clear image of her own moving, kicking, thumb-sucking baby—in the great majority of cases she does not go through with the planned abortion.



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