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  • adj. Having a slippery or smooth quality.
  • adj. Shifty or tricky.
  • adj. Lewd; wanton.
  • adj. Sexually stimulating; salacious.

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  • adj. smooth and glassy; slippery
  • adj. lewd, wanton, salacious or lecherous

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  • adj. having a smooth or slippery quality
  • adj. characterized by lust


Alteration of lubricous, from Latin lūbricus, slippery; see sleubh- in Indo-European roots.
(American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth Edition)
Latin lubricus ("slippery") (Wiktionary)


  • Frequent commenter Peter has no time for these lubricious political reveries either, nor do some of the more humane folks over at the new Western Standard.

    Archive 2009-03-01

  • Feeling a bit lubricious herself she stood in front of the art cinema where she had enjoyed Avenue Montaigne.

    Torn Among These Lovers

  • Steam rose slowly from cooling streets mingling with viscous fog, enshrouding lubricious night.

    Torn Among These Lovers

  • Toyota Motor Sales Pull it all together and you have a car that is marginally slower than a Prius due to its curb weight but more refined, quiet, spoiling and lubricious.

    At Least It's a Lexus

  • Pull it all together and you have a car that is marginally slower than a Prius due to its curb weight but more refined, quiet, spoiling and lubricious.

    At Least It's a Lexus

  • The Guardian's art critic Adrian Searle described Kelley's 2004 Tate Liverpool show, in which he placed his work alongside controversial work by artists including Sarah Lucas and the Chapmans, as "fascinating, lubricious, frightening and appalling … an inventory of good art and bad; the creepy, the weird, the stupid, the unpleasant, the misconceived and the plain nasty".

    Mike Kelley, the US artist acclaimed for his unsettling installations, dies at 57

  • Thus he prints extracts from the lubricious examination of Monica Lewinsky by Kenneth W. Starr and pairs them with extracts from Fournier's interrogation of the villagers of Montaillou to demonstrate "the same attention to mundane social interaction," the same "pains to document the precise geography and chronology of illicit relations," and the same tendency to "linger over the use of unusual sexual aids."

    Inquiring Minds Wanted to Know—or Else

  • Carlo Boccadoro's Ritratto di musico conjured the perpetual motion of the fifth, with lubricious brass slides and busy timpani work.

    Leipzig Gewandhaus Orchestra/Chailly; Castor and Pollux– review

  • Audi The "R8" in the name denotes that it's one of Audi's lubricious midengine, two-seat supercars.

    Audi R8: The Apex of Gasoline-Power

  • But after Kerik broke his promise to leave his wife and then began stalking Regan and allegedly her son, lubricious tidbits about their relationship appeared in the Daily News, chronicled by reporter Russ Buettner.

    Len Levitt: Hats Off to Judith


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  • Can't get a grasp on this one.

    October 11, 2008

  • "'Besides,' he said after a pause, 'you cannot talk bawdy with parsons. It ain't fitting.'

    "'But you never do talk bawdy,' said Stephen. It was true, or at least almost true: although no kind of prude, Jack Aubrey was a man who preferred action to talk, fact to phantasm, and although he did possess a small stock of lewd stories for the end of dinners when imaginations grew warm and often lubricious he usually forgot them, or left out the point."
    --Patrick O'Brian, The Ionian Mission, 47

    February 11, 2008

  • Used by Yarb on Monosyllabic words in the Wordie top 100

    October 21, 2007