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  • noun A person belonging to a racial group other than white; a person of color.

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  • noun A person who is not white; a person of any race other than Caucasian.
  • adjective Not white; being any color other than white.
  • adjective Of a person; belonging to any race other than Caucasian.


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  • All the Hispanic groups I classified as nonwhite but borderline since those groups all have substantial European ancestry.

    Who’s White Exercise (UPDATED AGAIN)

  • "Here was a man who didn't look particularly dark-skinned," Yule said, "but the inequality of the South African system meant you were classified either white or nonwhite, and since he was classified as nonwhite, he could play no part in the national sporting life of his country."

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  • "Yesterday this defendant began a methodical, evil plan of mass murder and rape of individuals he identified as nonwhite in Brockton," said prosecutor Frank Middleton, Plymouth County's first assistant district attorney.

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  • He's there because he plotted to kill all the "nonwhite" people he could and tried to carry out the plan, according to prosecutors.

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  • (Because the available data comes from the Census Bureau, whose definition of "nonwhite" excludes many Latinos, the researchers were unable to include Latino farmers within its people-of-color analysis.)

  • He's there because he plotted to kill all the "nonwhite" people he could and tried to carry out the plan, according to prosecutors.

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  • A survey by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development found that nonwhite homeowners were four times more likely to live in substandard housing than their white counterparts of equal income.

    The Good Fight

  • To the leaders within South Africa who wanted change—both white and nonwhite, fighting bravely—it sent a message that they had support from the United States and from the West.

    The Good Fight

  • They wanted to use their own definition of “all,” which would be themselves and some tribal representatives—all designed to dilute the voting power of nonwhite South Africans.

    The Good Fight

  • The U.S. Census Bureau estimated in 1960 that some 1.8 million nonwhite families lived in housing without plumbing or other standard utilities, and that more than 1 million nonwhite families in urban areas lived in overcrowded housing.

    The Good Fight


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