from the GNU version of the Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • Wrong; amiss.

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • A Middle English form of miss.
  • A prefix of Anglo-Saxon origin, meaning ‘wrong,’ ‘bad,’ ‘erroneous,’ or, taken adverbially, ‘wrongly,’ ‘badly,’ ‘erroneously,’ prefixed to nouns. as in misdeed, misfortune, misinform, etc., and verbs, misdo, miscarry, misguide, misrule, etc., including participles, as mistaking, misbelieving, etc., mistaken, misspent, etc.
  • A prefix of Latin origin, meaning literally ‘minus,’ ‘less,’ and hence used in Romance, etc., as a depreciative or negative prefix, as in misadventure, mischance, mischief, miscount, miscreant, misnomer, etc.
  • An abbreviation of Missouri.


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  • Or is this term mis - applied in reference to Irving's writing? ble reasons why the characters and storyline in Irv - In an attempt to examine this question, this es - ing's novel, although fraught with tragedy, elicit say will take up the condition that Mel Gussow de - very little sorrowful or distressing emotional re - scribes in another New York Times article in which sponses. he describes Irving's writing with the statement, "Irving himself is expert at alternating scenes of John Irving's The World According to Garp is zestful humor and deep sorrow, eventually knitting often referred to as a tragicomedy, a term that iden - together all diverse narrative strands until there are tifies a story as containing representations of both no degrees of separation."

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