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  • adj. Sports Thrown with or marked by a sideways motion of the arm between shoulder and hip height and relatively parallel to the ground: a sidearm baseball pitch.

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  • n. A personal weapon normally carried in a holster on the body of a wielder for immediate use.
  • v. To throw a ball with one's arm roughly parallel to the ground.
  • adv. With one's arm roughly parallel to the ground.

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  • adv. in a sidearm manner
  • adj. (of pitches) made with the arm moving parallel to the ground


side +‎ arm (Wiktionary)


  • I am happy if the only time I draw my sidearm is at the end of my shift when it is time to unload it and put it back on the armoury shelf. .and I have been using firearms on and off for 22 years now!! on July 27, 2006 at 1: 02 pm | Reply Zebedee billbo - No offense, but in my experience (both from helping train and from “exercises”) & from the “media based knowledge” that I and the rest of the country have seen, the general populace has good cause to have minimal faith in the Police and in particular the Firearms toting side of it.


  • However, I can tell you without equivocation that my favorite sidearm is a Kimber Custom II. 45ACP.

    favorite gun

  • Hey, military uses Italian Berettas for their main sidearm, and the M16 rifle and M240/249 SAW is now made by Faberique Nationale of Belgium (Colt has the contract for the M4 for now).

    Sound Politics: Boeing Ascendant, Airbus Reeling

  • I had what is called a sidearm curve ball—palm down.

    The Neyer/James Guide To Pitchers

  • He also had a "sidearm" - police say it was a. 40-caliber handgun - and it wasn't concealed.

    News for

  • The last ten years of my career my sidearm was a S&W 6906 9mm because it concealed well and gave me lots of firepower.


  • If he is equipped by Stark/SHIELD his sidearm should be the most advanced weapon Stark/SHIELD could make.

    Captain America Returns! | Major Spoilers - Comic Book Reviews and News

  • The NRA (My favourite Weapon is a Steyr AUG, But for a sidearm is a Glock 22, But back home in the United States I carry a Glock 17.) (I am a full supporter of the Second Amendment.)

    Original Signal - Transmitting Digg

  • McGuire did capture the attention of police by openly carrying a sidearm, which is legal in New Hampshire. Breaking News | Web Feeds

  • He was also wearing the blue and gold, and they all had the same kind of sidearm you carry.

    Cadmian's Choice

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  • (n): a secondary weapon carried at the side or on a belt, such as pistol, bayonet, sword.

    cf. Sam Browne belt

    January 6, 2009