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  • proper n. A male given name
  • proper n. A diminutive of the male given name Samuel
  • proper n. A diminutive of the female given name Samantha
  • proper n. A diminutive of the male given name Samson
  • n. The Sam Maguire Cup awarded to the All-Ireland GAA football winning team.


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  • I do disagree with him saying that the role is similar to sam whitwiki, Sam isnt the last man on earth dealing with every woman going through their periods at the same time, now that changes a man over the years.

    Exclusive: Shia LaBeouf talks Y: THE LAST MAN – Says the Project Could Still Happen –

  • JEFFREY NUSSBAUM, SAM ` S FATHER: Picture a future for Sam as a musician.

    CNN Transcript Apr 2, 2008

  • SAM DONALDSON, ABC NEWS: That's right, and you can call me Sam.

    CNN Transcript Apr 5, 2001

  • SAM: Get that plug out of your butt right now. replied to Sam | Top Stories

  • By the way is sam jan leaving or is she still going to be in it? yep, shes gonna be even more stone cold and bitter than she was before, Sam janus isnt leaving, i think she might be taking a little break though, but shes said in interviews ronnies year gets worse Well i've never cried or come even close to crying whenever watching a film or something sad.

    All - Digital Spy - Entertainment and Media News

  • JIM WHITE, KNEW BOY SCOUT, SAM THOMSEN, FAMILY PASTOR: Sam was just an engaging young man.

    CNN Transcript Jun 12, 2008

  • Cassie: * blushs*no body Sam: liar ur looking at whats his name um Chaz thats who ur looking at u like him dont u Cassie: ok yea i like him and don't tell anyone and i wont tell anyone u like Ryan Sam: * blushing* no i dont what makes u think that Cassie: really the way u talk to him the way u smile when ur with him Sam: Ok I like him alright Cassie: i knew it * with Ryan, Chaz, and Christian* Chaz: * looking at Cassie* Ryan: * looking at Sam* Christian: dudes stop staring there gonna notice * they both snap out of it* Ryan: well can u blame me shes hot Chaz: ur just mad cause there isnt a girl here for u Christian: what ever man *??? comes running through the door panting*??? - Articles related to Catholic Charity and Sprint Tangle Over Texting

  • SAM! "yelled Kristy when Sam had finished giving his pizza order.

    Dawn's Wicked Stepsister

  • Cross, all sam 'dis, "and Sam made the form of the symbol of salvation with his forefinger.

    The King's Arrow A Tale of the United Empire Loyalists

  • As I had done with the name Sam—I had asked more than fifty staff members, students, and faculty if they knew the origin and meaning of the name Sam and only one person knew, meaning it was not common knowledge—I asked a cohort of people who actually knew something about angel lore if they had ever heard of an angel named Sophia.

    The Sacred Promise


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