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  • To amaze; confound.
  • n. An obsolete form of stem.
  • n. Confusion.


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  • This background light stam from the universe's very first groups of objects.

    Archive 2009-01-01

  • Avva has a thread about words that one knows from one language and feels the lack of in another; he kicks it off by saying that he misses the English noun mind in Russian and Hebrew, the Hebrew word stam 'simply, just' he explains its wide range of uses here in English and Russian, and the Russian word ved' 'you see; you know; after all; isn't it?' in English. MISSING WORDS.

  • Distant fire racing stam shaking thunder asphalt streams

    What Makes A Place?

  • July 13th, 2006 at 2: 02 am jessica stam bag says: jessica stam bag

    Think Progress » ThinkFast AM: July 12, 2006

  • I could only imagine them taking the parchment to a sofer stam and asking him to fix it: It's here ... and here and here and here.

    My Dog is No Friend of the Jews

  • Otherwise, though, yayin stam may be on the menu for some meals.

    Actually, Not Sure What’s For Dinner | Jewschool

  • Therefore, to ensure that the wine that we use for our rituals was never intended for any other religious rituals, and to ensure that it was specifically intended for Jewish rituals, we don’t use yayin stam.

    Actually, Not Sure What’s For Dinner | Jewschool

  • The rabbinic gezera regarding gevinat Yisrael is, by my understanding, generally considered in a class by itself apart from the other anti-stam ordinances.

    Actually, Not Sure What’s For Dinner | Jewschool

  • He shared his more recent theory (a move away from his radical egalitarianism) in which all communities need “householders,” the regular folks, and then a few people who sacrifice to hold the community space, to be the pillars on which householders lean, to devote themselves to learning so as to provide that knowledge base to the community and to translate it (not stam linguistically) for them to make it relevant and accessible.

    Being a pillar can be lonely | Jewschool

  • I often miss the other Hebrew word usually mentioned in the same breath as stam: davka. MISSING WORDS.


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  • Stam (Hebrew):just because. It describes everything and it describes nothing at the same time.

    July 14, 2009