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  • n. The green-colored light that signals traffic to proceed.
  • n. Informal Permission to proceed.

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  • n. A traffic light in its green state (indicating that vehicles may proceed).
  • n. approval, or permission to proceed.

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  • n. permission to proceed with a project or to take action
  • n. a signal to proceed


From the standard red-green color scheme used in traffic lights and railway signals. (Wiktionary)


  • A loud bang echoed around the stadium and a jet of green light shot out of the wrong end of Ron's wand, hitting him in the stomach and sending him reeling backward onto the grass.

    Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

  • The Israeli government is at first unwilling to agree to a humanitarian truce, but we get a green light for most of our convoys, which are bringing in supplies for expanding humanitarian programs under the leadership of the excellent new humanitarian coordinator in Beirut, David Shearer, whom we redeploy from Jerusalem.

    A Billion Lives

  • We headed up Bayou Benoit in the coolness of the early morning, between flooded woods and through bays that were absolutely silent, undimpled by rain or ruffled by wind, the willows and gum trees and moss-hung cypress as still in the green light as if they had been painted against the sky.

    Jolie Blon’s Bounce

  • The tanker's green light came on, indicating the F-8's probe was in far enough to receive fuel.

    On Yankee Station

  • The ways of approach to it are presensed in the splendor of a visio smaragdina, the outburst of green light characteristic of a specific degree of visionary apperception.

    Experiencing the Next World Now

  • There were four fire-mushrooms in view, all a good distance north A thread of actinic green light rose from hundreds of miles away ... something was blocking it at the skyward end, something rising ... another fireball winked near the base of the beam.

    I Don’t Understand ?

  • He could make out the green light within the Plexiglass nose.

    Stallion Gate

  • I give a green light to Geneva to step up the use of all our time-tested standby arrangements for seed money, personnel, disaster relief equipment, and coordination with both UN and non-UN relief agencies.

    A Billion Lives

  • For discussion concerning the US giving the green light to Japanese acquisition of petroleum products, see Department of State, Foreign Relations of the United States: The Far East, 1940 USGPO, 1955, Vol.



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