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  • interj. Used to express praise or joy.
  • n. An exclamation of "hallelujah.”
  • n. Music A composition expressing praise and based on the word "hallelujah.”

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  • interj. An exclamation used in songs of praise or thanksgiving to God.
  • interj. A general expression of gratitude or adoration.
  • n. A shout of “Hallelujah”.
  • n. General praise.
  • v. To cry "hallelujah" in praise.

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  • n. a shout or song of praise to God


Hebrew halləlû-yāh, praise Yahweh : halləlû, masculine pl. imperative of hillēl, to praise; see hll in Semitic roots + yāh, Yahweh; see hwy in Semitic roots.
(American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth Edition)
From Hebrew הללויה ("Praise Yah!"). (Wiktionary)


  • Captain Ruda with the fire department told me that Mr. Jackson got what he called the hallelujah package, which means he really got the works in this case.

    CNN Transcript Jul 28, 2009

  • RANDI KAYE, CNN CORRESPONDENT: Captain Ruda (ph) with the fire department told me that Mr. Jackson got what he called the hallelujah package.

    CNN Transcript Jul 29, 2009

  • Which banned rugby practice was known as a hallelujah?

    BBC News | News Front Page | World Edition

  • After he finished we longed for to get up as well as yell "hallelujah".

    just one more vote - chris jackson

  • More than once, his pronouncements were met with a "hallelujah" from the assembled churchgoers.

    General election 2010 live blog - Sunday 2 May

  • (Doesn't that deserve a 'hallelujah' from the religious right?)

    Cristina Page: The Deafening Silence

  • "When I heard him say that he prefers to stay, that he doesn't feel like he has lost the opportunity to earn a higher salary and that he feels privileged to wear the shirt, he values the closeness and the friendships, the heat and affection that all the fans have shown him even in these last two days, I said 'hallelujah' and we hugged," Berlusconi told '7 Gold'.

    Kaka to stay in Milan

  • If I were to write a book along these lines in regards to Islam, I would be deemed a racist hate-monger, and probably have Homeland Security, accompanied by the ACLU banging on my door before you can say "hallelujah".

    `A Lover's Quarrel with the Evangelical Church' | RELIGION Blog |

  • And yes, there's an element of selfishness in that little "hallelujah," because it means no more bundling up with coats and boots over pajamas for me, no more shivering while I wait for him to be finished.

    update, day 20

  • People were standing up and saying prayers and saying "hallelujah" and "amen."

    CNN Transcript Nov 17, 2007


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