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  • n. an awkward or clumsy person

from the GNU version of the Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • n. An awkward, clumsy fellow; a lubber.

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • n. An awkward, clumsy fellow; a lubber.
  • n. The ruddy duck, Erismatura rubida.
  • Lubberly; gawky.


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  • * gloss for "looby": a clumsy lout, a foolish person.

    Giles Slade: Nothin' From Nothin' Leaves Nothin': Levi Johnston at 19

  • You need to challenge your own prejudices with a little more historical sense P from M (and Frank P I'm coming to you too in a minute you fatuous old tosser, oops I swore I wouldn't sink to your level of name-calling Frank, but you just have this effect on people - by the way, who cares what your granny did or didn't say to you you big looby).

    Tony Blair: The Next Labour Prime Minister?

  • At my station the tail well and truly wags the dog - for example my boss likes the office tidy - fair enough, so i filled up some confy waste sacks and placed them in a large looby area by the lifts in order to find out where they were to go.

    I Can Tell We’re Going To Be Friends « POLICE INSPECTOR BLOG

  • The government funded quango's, sorry the booze charities funded by HM Govt. will looby the assorted cuntmonkeys.

    Paul Flynn MP libel case losing MP misses the point on beer taxes.

  •     No looby coarser; such a shock, a change is there.

    Poems and Fragments

  • Widow Precious had plenty of sharp sense to tell her that her children were by no means “pretty dears” to anybody but herself, and to herself only when in a very soft state of mind; at other times they were but three gew-mouthed lasses, and two looby loons with teeth enough for crunching up the dripping-pan.

    Mary Anerley

  • Depend upon it, Sir, a savage, when he is hungry, will not carry about with him a looby of nine years old, who cannot help himself.

    The Life of Samuel Johnson LL.D.

  • People in the looby also see this and they try to get in.

    partygirl Diary Entry

  • I'm not a stupid looby who can't see through false flattery when it's poured on with such ruthlessness.

    Tender Rebel

  • Here we dance, looby, looby, light, the players sway from one foot to the other, throwing the free foot across the other in sort of a balance movement in rhythm to the music.

    Games for the Playground, Home, School and Gymnasium


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  • This word, later akin to crazy, appears as a term for lazy in Langland's 1337 Piers Plowman.

    November 21, 2010

  • "Thus while I tell the truth about loobies, my reader's imagination need not be entirely excluded from an occupation with lords"

    - George Eliot, Middlemarch

    February 20, 2008

  • "'Ruined, ruined, my dinner is quite ruined, and it is all the doing of that long-eared looby Figgins Pocock. There he sits, the illiterate, ill-deedy gowk, next to the Admiral's secretary.'"

    --Patrick O'Brian, Treason's Harbour, 95

    February 19, 2008

  • from Middlemarch. An awkward fellow.

    October 1, 2007