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  • v. to proceed past something
  • v. to pass over. disregard, overlook

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  • v. move past


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  • First the light ray or rays must further pass by a stacked array of photomultiplier cells that vastly multiply the signal they receive from the retina.


  • General Clarke (the companion of Governor Lewis in his expedition to the Pacific Ocean) being, on a late journey, to pass by the Big-bone Lick of the Ohio, was kind enough to undertake to employ for me a number of laborers, and to direct their operations in digging for these bones at this important deposit of them.


  • When the elderly woman pulled away from their embrace, Azrael stepped aside so Aunt Niecey could pass by him in the narrow space between the table and the doorway.

    Surrender the Dark

  • Mariam went back to the kolba This time, she walked around the west-facing periphery of the clearing so she wouldn't have to pass by Nana.

    A Thousand Splendid Suns

  • I know very little about them except that they grow and grow and that they cover the hillside now, and when I pass by them with my lawnmower buzzing they catch at my shirt and my arm with their remarkably hooklike sharp thorns.


  • We are rather in a sad condition at present in the Southern Confederacy yet I hope our dark day will soon pass by and that our recent defeats will soon be overruled by the Disposer of all events for our good.

    Augusta County: James M. Schreckhise to Amanda [?], February 26, 1862

  • He stared at them through the rest of the praying, through the ladies hefting each other up off the floor, through their forming a slow line to pass by Piotr Klamut and his one survivor—a cousin who was a nun and a nurse at a hospital over in Michigan and who smiled, cocked her head to alternating sides and softly replied “Bless you” to anything that any of the mourners said to her.

    Hoopi Shoopi Donna

  • I will always think of her when I pass by Murphy, where we finagled an empty room from the SGA and established the ColorKind office.

    Finding Dignity

  • “He yells at us and chases us away every time we as much as pass by his stupid-looking hut.”


  • Edward U. Condon in “Section I, Recommendations and Conclusions,” wrote, “The history of the past 21 years has repeatedly led Air Force officers to the conclusion that none of the things seen, or thought to have been seen, which pass by the name UFO reports, constituted any hazard or threat to national security.”

    Space Ships of the Visitors


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