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  • v. Present participle of scrounge.


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  • He remembered long afternoons spent with other boys in scrounging round dustbins and rubbish heaps, picking out the ribs of cabbage leaves, potato peelings, sometimes even scraps of stale breadcrust from which they carefully scraped away the cinders; and also in waiting for the passing of trucks which travelled over a certain route and were known to carry cattle feed, and which, when they jolted over the bad patches in the road, sometimes spilt a few fragments of oil-cake.

    Nineteen Eighty-Four

  • Yesterday, collections were slow until Zubair came up with the idea of scrounging out a few cartons (one of the few advantages of our littering habit), sticking on chart paper with a message such as "donate to fund for Balochistan earthquake victims", and then going up and down traffic lanes when the signal turned red.


  • Between the heat and my Weight Watchers-inspired insistence that all meals be under 7 points, we've been doing a lot of "scrounging," which generally entails my eating hummus and veggies for supper and Mark eating chips and salsa or something similar.

    What did you have for dinner? (What if No One's Watching?)

  • The dinner -- the result of two days '"scrounging" under the direction of George -- was too good to be true.

    Adventures of a Despatch Rider

  • In the resulting piece we were told how "scrounging" James Smith, 48, had "grabbed £35k in welfare handouts by claiming he couldn't hobble more than 20 metres - even with a stick".


  • Reality TV programmes that feature Britain's youngest mums - who are usually single mothers - have done little to move the debate on single parents on from the concept of 'scrounging' off the state.

    The Latest From

  • "Then we came across an American who was 'scrounging' or something in an empty house.

    Pushed and the Return Push

  • People are scrounging for everything that they have.

    Collider Goes to the Set of THE BOOK OF ELI –

  • As of 2010, the Diocese of Niagara has already spent well over $320,000 on legal fees and has been rather shy about saying where the money is coming from; perhaps it is scrounging from other dioceses.

    Anglican Church of Canada may be sharing legal costs « Anglican Samizdat

  • They'd convinced producer Hunter Gray to pony up a small budget -- and I mean very, very small -- and the two of them began shooting around West Haven, Connecticut, calling in favors and scrounging and scamming as necessary.

    William Mapother: (A Lot) Less Can Be (a Lot) More


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