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  • v. arouse or excite passion or action.
  • v. mix ingredients.

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  • v. change the arrangement or position of
  • v. arouse or excite feelings and passions
  • v. provoke or stir up
  • v. try to stir up public opinion


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  • If Bult and Carson had been up ahead of us, I'd've taken my foot out of the stirrup and dragged it in the dirt to stir up some dust, but the way it was, Bult would catch me, and Ev would stop talking about shuttlewrens and ask what I was doing.

    Futures Imperfect

  • His wives and children had been reassigned to another man, but the house he built still stood empty because DeLory had gotten a lawyer and tried to go to court just to stir up trouble.

    Keep Sweet

  • Some of the soldiers themselves, of course, were musicians, and one evening just before Christmas, Dr. Albigence Waldo heard in an adjacent hut a violinist “excellent . . . in the soft kind of music which is so finely adapted to stir up the tender passions.”

    Angel in the Whirlwind

  • Labienus was still fleeing east across Cilicia Pedia, his column in wild disarray between the leaderless cataphracts and a few mercenary grumblers with the influence to stir up trouble among more placid infantrymen.

    Antony and Cleopatra

  • But Madame Tremont, only you know exactly how much heat you wish the marmite to have, when is the right time to stir up the coals and when to damp them down.

    City of Glory

  • Let none be so bold in thy presence, as to speak any word that may induce or stir up sin, nor defame others by back-bitings.

    The Memoirs of the Lord of Joinville

  • Talking to Jim Spitz would only stir up a lot of trouble that this town doesn't need.

    Till the Butchers Cut Him Down

  • Ayla watched Uka stir up chunks of the meat and bone from the neck of the bison that were cooking with wild onion, salty coltsfoot, and other herbs.

    The Clan of the Cave Bear

  • Nowhere has Booth Tarkington done such finished, exquisite work as in this story of Penrod and his dog and friends and how they stir up fun for themselves and trouble for their enemies and elders.


  • The dragons attacked the maunts to stir up trouble between the Yunamata and the Scrow.

    Son of a Witch


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