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  • verb Present participle of transcend.


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  • The idea is intriguing, but I can't see even a modern Frankenstein transcending its roots any more than last weekend's "Wolfman" did.

    Dean Koontz’s Frankenstein to be Developed as Film Series | /Film

  • Great works of art no matter where they come from, or who made them, are those that succeed in transcending the commonplace or the quotidian to reveal fundamental truths about life.

    The Changing Role of Museums in Society

  • Note that the phrase transcending Being assigns no character, makes no assertion, allots no name, carries only the denial of particular being; and in this there is no attempt to circumscribe it: to seek to throw a line about that illimitable Nature would be folly, and anyone thinking to do so cuts himself off from any slightest and most momentary approach to its least vestige.

    The Six Enneads.

  • While not always one hundred percent successful in transcending its low budget, Hamilton’s film exhibits an authentic feel for its material along with a solid, ever evolving story.

    Current Movie Reviews, Independent Movies - Film Threat

  • On the other hand, the notion of transcending God is a bit gnostic, since it supposes God, Jesus and the Church to belong to the lower strata of symbology, which can be surpassed by those with special knowledge.

    LCWR: prophets of futility & New Age gnosticism

  • From this point of view, the notion of transcending our time-bound experiences in order to discover truths that hold timelessly is an unrealizable fantasy.

    Lee Smolin Argues Against the Timeless Multiverse

  • The point is that white Americans love the idea of transcending race, and Obama has cleverly exploited that hope.

    Bernard-Henri Lévy says why Barack Obama will be President.

  • In addition to its body of moral law, which is founded in the general conscience, or in the light of nature, Masonry has a body of symbolism, of which the source is not generally known, and by which it is identified with movements and modes of thought, and with evolutionary processes, having reference to regions already described as transcending the ethical world and concerned with the spiritual man.

    Devil-Worship in France or The Question of Lucifer

  • He appears to have given up on the idea of transcending sectarian politics. Latest stories

  • He appears to have given up on the idea of transcending sectarian politics. Latest stories


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  • transcending- a: to rise above or go beyond the limits of b: to triumph over the negative or restrictive aspects of : overcome c: to be prior to, beyond, and above.

    January 11, 2009