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  • n. Alternative form of knockoff.
  • v. Used other than as an idiom: see knock,‎ off.
  • v. To bump or hit so that something falls off
  • v. To quit; stop doing work or other activity. The term originated from the practice aboard slave galleys to have a man beat time for the rowers by knocking on a block or drum; when he stopped, the rowers could rest.
  • v. To kill someone
  • v. To reduce or remove
  • v. To steal.
  • v. To make a copy of, as of a design.

from the GNU version of the Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • n. See knock off in the vocabulary.
  • n. a device in a knitting machine to remove loops from the needles.
  • v. to quit (working).
  • v. to accomplish; -- frequently used when the task is accomplished rapidly.
  • v. to kill; to defeat (opponents).
  • v. to discount, to deduct (a sum from a price).
  • v. to rob.
  • v. to make a knockoff of; to copy or imitate, usually without permission or admission of copying.

from WordNet 3.0 Copyright 2006 by Princeton University. All rights reserved.

  • v. cut the price of
  • v. write quickly
  • v. take by theft
  • v. get rid of (someone who may be a threat) by killing
  • v. stop pursuing or acting


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  • To build Rijeka all they had to do was knock off chunks of rock, roll them down to the edge of the valley, stack them in rectangles, and top the rectangles with thatched roofs; and that was all they had done, about the time Columbus started across the Atlantic to find India.

    The Black Mountain

  • That a deep, hungry team could add a post-up scoring threat like seven-footer James Edwards obtained from Phoenix Suns in midseason, the Pistons had all the tools to knock off Boston.

    One Season

  • There's diurnal fluctuation in the grounding line, of course, about three metres as the tide goes up and down, and eventually the abrasion will knock off enough ice at the bottom to unbalance the berg.

    Crusader Gold

  • So he was called Scraps, and, since he was nobody's dog, was everybody's dog -- so much so, that Mr. Jackson promised to knock Ah Moy's block off if he did not feed the puppy well, while Sigurd Halvorsen, in the forecastle, did his best to knock off Henrik Gjertsen's block when the latter was guilty of kicking Scraps out of his way.


  • We got to run the mangle to-night, but Thursday we'll knock off at six.

    Chapter 16

  • He had previously beaten not only Dick Nixon, a former vice-president of the United States, but U.S. Senator William F. Knowland, an Oakland publisher who was another Republican powerhouse in California, and I suspect he thought it would be even easier to knock off this newcomer to politics from Hollywood.

    An American Life

  • 'The Skipper' "At some point all of us wanted to knock off Marcia—and so I did," says Roxanne Diesel , author of the Brady script.

    TV Dinner Theater: Parodies of Old Sitcoms Draw Blood, Crowds

  • No one's expecting another 30-something-point game Monday, but Heat coach Erik Spoelstra knows it'll take one of those efforts to knock off the Cavs.

    Brownsville Herald :


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