from The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 4th Edition

  • n. A duplicator that makes copies of written, drawn, or typed material from a stencil that is fitted around an inked drum.
  • n. A copy made by this method of duplication.
  • transitive v. To make (copies) on a mimeograph.
  • intransitive v. To use a mimeograph.

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  • n. An invention of Thomas A. Edison, a machine for making printed copies, using typed stencil, ubiquitous until the 1990s when photocopying became competitive (if not cheaper), and considerably easier to use.
  • v. To make mimeograph copies.

from the GNU version of the Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • n. A copying device that uses a stencil through which ink is pressed; it was invented by Edison.
  • transitive v. to make copies of using a mimeograph.

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • To multiply (copies of a writing or document) by means of a mimeograph; manifold by the use of a mimeograph.
  • n. An apparatus invented by Edison, by which stencils of written pages may be obtained for the production of an indefinite number of copies

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  • n. a rotary duplicator that uses a stencil through which ink is pressed (trade mark Roneo)
  • v. print copies from (a prepared stencil) using a mimeograph


from The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 4th Edition

Originally a trademark.


  • He had been long impressed by the desirability of the rapid production of copies of written documents, and, as we have seen by a previous chapter, he invented the electric pen for this purpose, only to improve upon it later with a more desirable device which he called the mimeograph, that is in use, in various forms, at this time.

    Edison, His Life and Inventions, vol. 2

  • The mimeograph was the same idea in a totally different form.

    Steam, Steel and Electricity

  • For fapans, the mimeograph was the reproductive method of choice (and wouldn't that statement have gotten a reaction from the membership), but a few of the sixty-five members had the equipment and inclination to get fancy.

    Sara Ryan

  • The Gestetner mimeograph machine was at my house, along with a scanner new at the time that allowed us to create mimeograph stencils from original layouts.

    Larry Magid: Original 1969 Berkeley People's Park Leaflets Found

  • Of course, the health care reform bill is a mimeograph of Mitt Romneycare that differs only in that it expands into Federal programs that the Commonwealth of Massachusetts isn't allowed to monkey with, like Medicare.

    TV SoundOff: Sunday Talking Heads

  • The mother did not ask her about school and did not look up when she pushed the mimeograph worksheets under her nose, did not react as she repeated something the teacher said.

    Still Life, With Girl

  • He had circulated it in mimeograph, but the Church forbade him to publish it while he was alive.

    World Wide Mind

  • Executives at Facebook and Twitter don't take credit for what happened, but there is little doubt that social media helped power the people much as the printing press and mimeograph machines helped spark previous revolutions.

    Larry Magid: Big 2011 Tech Stories About People, Not Products

  • ETA: I've got everything set: slush readers, copyeditors, mimeograph operators.

    Novelettes wanted!

  • All Super-Sekrit Friends invited to the party in my garage to be a part of history and inhale the mimeograph fumes!

    Contact High for a Roomful of Children!


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  • I had a high school chemistry teacher who used to pass out mimeographed worksheets that corresponded with the overhead sheets for that day. At the end of the lesson he collected the (untouched!) worksheets, and filed those overheads away for the next year. This was in the 1990s.

    August 19, 2007

  • Ahhh, the smell of the mimeograph machine in the morning! ;o)

    August 12, 2007