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  • n. A character in a literary work.
  • n. A person.
  • n. A person of distinction. See Synonyms at celebrity.

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  • n. : A famous or important person.

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  • n. Form, appearance, or belongings of a person; the external appearance, stature, figure, air, and the like, of a person.
  • n. Character assumed or represented.
  • n. A notable or distinguished person; a conspicuous or peculiar character

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • n. A person represented; a rôle or part assumed or played; a character.
  • n. A person; an individual; especially, a man or woman of importance or distinction.
  • n. Bodily form; external appearrance; person.
  • n. Synonyms 2. Individual, etc. See person.

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  • n. a person whose actions and opinions strongly influence the course of events
  • n. another word for person; a person not meriting identification


from The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 4th Edition

Middle English, person, from Old French, from persone, person; see person.


  • One of these heroines was Andromache, the title personage of "The

    The Palmy Days of Nance Oldfield

  • I have clicked on "follow" and discover that the Twitter "personage" is in fact a website called Scandinavian Crime Fiction: your foray into Northern deviance.


  • Suppose you should have drawn your first breath among the _lower classes_, -- suppose it should have been your lot to crouch and bend, or be trodden under foot by some titled personage, whom in your heart you despised; what then?

    Sanders' Union Fourth Reader

  • So far as egotism is concerned, he was clearly anticipated by the titled personage to whom I have referred, who says of himself, "I am the first in the East, the first in the West, and the greatest philosopher in the Western world."

    Complete Project Gutenberg Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr. Works

  • So far as egotism is concerned, he was clearly anticipated by the titled personage to whom

    Over the Teacups

  • This noted personage is a Eutaw by birth, but forsook his own people and joined the Py-Euts, after he became a man, and by his prowess and bravery, acquired such an ascendency over the tribe of his adoption, as to become their principal chief.

    Life in the Rocky Mountains

  • link Perhaps the whole confusion over the identity, likeness, or existence of the Bard isn't due to the vagaries of historical evidence, but that what we know as the personage & works of William Shakespeare is merely the anthropic manifestation of some hitherto unidentified cultural principle of the universe itself, a la the Delta Green interpretation of Hastur.

    princeofcairo: Art's False Borrowed Face

  • My Ophelia, however, wasn't flighty in the slightest -- she was a Serious Kitty, and quite the royal personage, which is what led to my friend JB giving her the nickname of "The Princess Ophelia Ouspenskaya Buttz" a little while after we got her.

    My God, It's Full Of Tweets!

  • Your 'lamprey' was right on the money, and I agree with Donna as well - I feel the same way about that certain personage.

    Lampreys, Megamouths and Cane Toads: Overmarketing

  • A titled personage is still mainly an inconceivable being to us; he is like a goblin or a fairy in a storybook.

    Henry James


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  • An easy way to sort it out: The parson is the personage of the parsonage, but not every person in a parsonage is a personage.

    December 20, 2007

  • Is there a difference between a personage and a person? Can I be one and not the other, i.e. are all personages people and all people personaages? And how many personages reside in parsonages?

    November 17, 2007