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  • n. A small swelling of the skin, usually caused by acne; a papule or pustule.

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  • n. An inflamed (raised and colored) spot on the surface of the skin that is usually painful and fills with pus.
  • n. An annoying person.

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  • n. Any small acuminated elevation of the cuticle, whether going on to suppuration or not.
  • n. Fig.: A swelling or protuberance like a pimple.

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  • To cover with pimples; cause to abound with pimples; spot or blotch as with pimples.
  • n. A small inflammatory dermal tumor or swelling; a papule or pustule, such as are seen in acne.
  • n. A little elevation or protuberance, of any kind, resembling a pimple.
  • n. A jolly boon companion.

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  • n. a small inflamed elevation of the skin; a pustule or papule; common symptom in acne


from The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 4th Edition

Middle English.

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Early Modern English pimple, pumple (not found in Middle English), probably a nasalised variation of Old English piplian, pyplian "to break out in pimples, show erruptions". Akin to Old English pipliġende "having shingles".


  • This then eventually swells forming a reddish mini-boil: this is what we call a pimple, acne or even blackheads.


  • Extractions of active acne whether it is the pustule type we call a pimple or a comedone, which we refer to as a blackhead are tricky and unnecessary and can be unsafe too.

    Simple Skin Beauty

  • The pimple was the first sign of flesh-eating necrotizing fasciitis; that player needed multiple surgeries and skin grafts before his infection healed.


  • = — There are many kinds of pimples, some of which partake almost of the nature of ulcers, which require medical treatment; but the small red pimple, which is most common, may be removed by applying the following twice a day: Sulphur water, one ounce; acetated liquid of ammonia, one-quarter ounce; liquor of potassa, one grain; white wine vinegar, two ounces; distilled water, two ounces.

    The Ladies Book of Useful Information Compiled from many sources

  • | Reply | Permalink for the record, I said 'pimple', not 'pimp'.

    Obama Responds: I Will Never Use "Threat Of Terrorism To Scare Up Votes"

  • Blood flow remains normal until the plaque "pimple" ruptures.

    Fast Chat: Changing Your Heart

  • By the turn of the century, Junod could write that Knobneusen was no longer even an appropriate name for the Transvaal Tsonga because "pimple" tattooing had ceased to be practiced in that area, although the scarification of women's chests and "waists" was still widespread.

    Where Women Make History: Gendered Tellings of Community and Change in Magude, Mozambique

  • If you have some kind of pimple that isn't looking right or some kind of little boil on your skin, don't just put a band-aid on it and figure it will be okay.

    CNN Transcript Oct 31, 2007

  • He told me to watch for signs of infection, including a "pimple" on the gums above the tooth.

    My Child's Tooth is Turning Dark!

  • Well, of course don't go by what I say because your pediatric dentist has actually seen the child, but if there is a "pimple", yup it's probably abscessed, festering there.

    My Child's Tooth is Turning Dark!


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