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  • noun A property, such as whiteness, considered independently from things having the property.

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  • A Middle English form of quail.
  • noun An object named or considered as having a quality.
  • noun Specifically In psychology, in the phrases spatial quale, quote of spatiality, the irreducible element or attribute of spaciousness, bidimensional, tridimensional, or indefinite, posited by nativistic theories of space-perception for some or all sensations.
  • noun A nativistic theory of space perception. See quale, 2.
  • noun A plague; murrain.
  • noun A Middle English dialectal form of whale.

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  • noun A property considered separately from a thing having that property.


from The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 4th Edition

[From Latin quāle, neuter of quālis, of what kind; see quality.]


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  • The old Nazi was being held at Quale Prison, and as it happens, the word quale is directly linked to a philosophical term dealing with — in wikipedia’s words — “the subjective quality of conscious experience.”

    Doc Jensen geeks out on 'FlashForward': Follow the clues; crack the mystery! (maybe) | 2009

  • If a quale is a representatum, then it is represented under a mode of presentation, and modes of presentation may be narrow even when the representational content itself is wide.

    Representational Theories of Consciousness Lycan, William 2006

  • (But as previously mentioned, it turns out that Rey's theory is not a theory of qualia in the strict first-order sense of "quale" used here; see Section 4.5.)

    Representational Theories of Consciousness Lycan, William 2006

  • These subjective conscious experiences are called "quale," plural "qualia," another good word for showing off your philosophy knowledge.

    Planet Atheism 2008

  • Byrne does hew to the representationalist's line of supervenience (no phenomenal difference without an intentional difference), but if his argument does not rule out mental paint, an anti-representationalist may construct inversion cases such as that of Block's (1990) "Inverted Earth" (see Section 4.4 below), and argue that the paint is a nonfunctional intrinsic mental feature of the experience given in introspection, which is close enough to a "quale" in Block's special sense, even if the feature does happen to be reflexively represented by the experience itself.

    Representational Theories of Consciousness Lycan, William 2006

  • Note 10: Oltre la libreria vi è una cameretta destinata allo studio nell'appartamento principale, d'intorno alla quale sono sedili di legno con gli appoggi ed una tavola nel mezzo: lavorato il tutto diligentissimamente d'opera d'intarsi e d'intagli.

    Architecture and Memory: The Renaissance Studioli of Federico da Montefeltro 2008

  • Dall'opera di legno, che così ricopre il pavimento come la muraglia d'intorno all'altezza di un uomo o poco più, infino alla soffitta, le facciate sono distinte in alcuni quadri, in ciascuno dei quali è ritratto qualche famoso scrittore antico o moderno con breve elogietto, nel quale ristrettamente si compendia la vita di ciascheduno di loro.

    Architecture and Memory: The Renaissance Studioli of Federico da Montefeltro 2008

  • Non sono sicuro di quale sia la storia: Robinson Crusoe?

    No Fat Clips!!! : David: Opening Sequence 2009

  • Utilizzando le informazioni fornite da Google Webmaster Central, ho modificato il template per aggiungere dei link alle URL Canonical che puntano al Permalink del post; tradotto, dico ai motori di ricerca quale pagina indicizzare.

    No Fat Clips!!! : Adding Canonical URL to Blogger posts 2009

  • Quando ha visto un film che ho postato anche qui non ricordo quale, ora un utente di un forum mi espresse la sua perplessità verso le metafore “banali”.

    No Fat Clips!!! : Frat 2009


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  • quale – a quality or property as perceived or experienced by a person

    qualia – (plural of quale) often referred to a raw feels, qualia are those subjective, qualitative properties of mental states such as sensations and emotions – the "what it is like" to see blue, feel pain, be angry or agitated

    July 14, 2008

  • While humorous verses are jolly

    The words if unheard are mere folly

    The laugh we provoke

    By telling a joke

    Is purely the listener's quale.

    October 29, 2016