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  • proper n. A female given name.


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A 20th century coinage from Jo-, as in Joanne or Josephine, and -lene, as in Marlene, Charlene, etc.


  • And besides being a fantastic singer (Jolene is one of the best songs ever) and hilarious actor (after 26 years, 9-to-5 still feels fresh), she can also cook.

    Archive 2006-08-01

  • "Jolene" - I have a friend named Jolene; LUCKY gal, that one!

    TOGETHER THROUGH LIFE in the news (updated 5/1/09)

  • With Miley, Parton reworked her signature tune "Jolene" -- with the twist being about "an older woman and a younger woman fighting over the same man," Parton told the audience.


  • Most surprising disappointment: Alexis Grace should have killed with Dolly Parton's classic "Jolene" - she even looks like Dolly!

    Top Stories - Google News

  • Even in a busy hospital there’s always time to gossip with fellow student nurses and Jolene is none too shy about her attraction to a resident mobster, even if she’s also the object of a computer geek’s affection on “General Hospital: Night Shift.”

    12 « July « 2007 « Adventures in Juggling

  • Like a few weeks ago, the radio was set to a country station (not my first choice) and Dolly Parton's "Jolene" came on.

    Archive 2009-08-01

  • She's written thousands of songs, including "Jolene," "Coat of Many Colors," and "I Will Always Love You," which was a big hit for Whitney Houston.

    Dolly Parton: Singing Songs From The Heart And Soul

  • Beyond the historical information contained within this collection's 60-page booklet, each period, sequenced chronologically, speaks musical volumes on the Parton story, a couple of the more interesting chapters being her duets with Porter Wagoner and her early RCA days that introduced us to "Jolene" and a mighty song titled "I Will Always Love You."

    Mike Ragogna: HuffPost Reviews: Jack Johnson, R.E.M., Train, Dolly, Carly, and More, Plus U2 Plays The Rose Bowl, and This Week's New Albums

  • Plus, isn't the point of the Save to correct a mistake, either one by the contestant (in this case, Alexis, who did a poorly arranged version of "Jolene") or by the audience (which might assume someone is safe and not vote for them even though they liked the performance).

    Michael Giltz: American Idol -- Top 11: Bye Alexis

  • (Soundbite of song, "Jolene") Mr. DYLAN: (Singing) Well, you're coming down High Street, walking in the sun, you make dead man rise (unintelligible), she's the one.

    Bob Dylan Takes His Latest Look At 'Life'


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