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  • adj. Of or pertaining to a submachine gun
  • n. A part of a real or virtual machine which acts as a machine in its own right


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sub- +‎ machine

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Shortened from submachine gun


  • The term submachine gun, repeated in military reports and official correspondence for years, was pejorative, as if the AK-47 did not deserve to be discussed in the same conversation with hard-hitting American battle rifles.

    The Gun

  • According to court documents and testimony, Graves and ex-girlfriend Tania Besek had previously broken up and Graves went to her apartment with a box of ammunition and a TEC-9, a handgun that is sometimes referred to as a submachine gun.

    Statesman - AP Sports

  • (Incidentally, David Ben-Gurion called his submachine gun after Collins)

    Matthew Yglesias » Learning From Belfast

  • This was quite a traffic mess for a while, as officers in black fatigues carrying what we would call submachine guns would stop each vehicle, didn't matter if they were just the white vans that they've looked for before, that type of thing, each and every vehicle, including motorcycles, and would search both the vehicle and the male drivers.

    CNN Transcript Oct 22, 2002

  • Officers said they found several weapons at the scene, including a handgun, two automatic handguns and one Tech 9, what police described as a submachine gun. - News

  • Among the equipment in the residence were more than 4,600 rounds of ammunition, night-vision goggles, a ballistic vest and at least 27 firearms, including what was described as a submachine gun with a silencer and a carbine with a laser sight. Chronicle

  • After all, only a few weeks ago the Fifa vice-president was threatening to unleash "a football tsunami", so at the very least one expected him to open fire like Tony Montana at the top of the staircase at Fifa's Zurich HQ, or even advance out of the building in his pyjamas and dressing gown, unloading endless submachine gun rounds, in the manner of Albert Finney in Miller's Crossing.

    Adieu Jack Warner, but beware the next generation of Fifa supervillains | Marina Hyde

  • They still had their Uzis, but instead of cradling the submachine guns with their fingers on the triggers, the students let the guns dangle from their shoulder straps.

    The Omega Theory

  • They carried a variety of weapons, too: M-4 carbines, Bizon submachine guns, AK-47 rifles.

    The Omega Theory

  • In an uncharacteristically brief statement, the al-Qaeda leader, dressed in a camouflage jacket with a submachine gun propped at his side, said that the attacks were revenge for the long-standing Western humiliation of the Muslim world, consistently his most important theme.

    The Longest War


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