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  • The Elven Healer Joad Rish recognized his symptoms immediately and roused him long enough to swallow an antidote, then spent the next few anxious minutes applying haen-leaf compresses to his injuries to draw out the poison.

    Ilse Witch

  • There haen "a remarkable degree of agreement" between government, labour and business on the legislation, which would be submitted to Parliament in the next few weeks, he said at a briefing after the fortnightly Cabinet meeting.

    ANC Daily News Briefing

  • "Cadger Gowans an 'me's haen a swap," says Sandy, climbin 'oot at the back o' the cairt, an 'jookin' awa 'roond canny-weys to the horse's heid.

    My Man Sandy

  • You never heard sic lauchin 'as there was; an' Sandy's frien 'lookit as gin he'd haen a dram, an' gotten an awfu 'dose o' cauld.

    My Man Sandy

  • There's naebody kens that better than me, for I've haen the teuch end

    My Man Sandy

  • He riffed when the lassies sat doon, till ye wud thocht he wudda haen his hands blistered; but I think he was gled o 'onything to do, juist to lat him get himsel' gien vent.

    My Man Sandy

  • My legs were like to double up aneth me, an 'my knees knokit up acrain' ane anither like's they'd haen a pley aboot something.

    My Man Sandy

  • I'm shure I'm no complainin ', but Sandy Bowden's been an unsatisfaktory man in mony weys; but, as the Bible says, we've a' a dwang o 'some kind, an' if I hadna gotten Sandy, weel, I michta haen a drucken son, or a licht-heided dauchter.

    My Man Sandy

  • We was haen a bit rin ower the exyems again lest nicht juist.

    My Man Sandy

  • I tell you what it is, Bawbie, if they'd haen me at the battle o '

    My Man Sandy


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