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  • Another spelling of skean, squean.


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  • Please read Barack Obamas web page on rumors ... and leave Fox News alone. jm skeen

    Obama reminds voters of McCain's '100 years' comment

  • And I take the old lady, and her wrinkles weel be gone, and her skeen weel be soft like a leetle baby's, and in her cheeks weel be two lovely dimples, and she weel dance with the young boys, and they weel not know her from her grandchild -- ha, ha, ha!

    They Call Me Carpenter

  • I think eet would be a vairy fine thing eef you would come to my parlor and attend the ladies while I give them the permanent wave, and while I skeen them, and make them the dimples and the sweet smiles.

    They Call Me Carpenter

  • Ye'll be nowt but skeen and boans if you stop here long eneaf.

    Nicholas Nickleby

  • Ye’ll be nowt but skeen and boans if you stop here long eneaf.

    Nicholas Nickleby

  • Sooth to say, the first interview with the uncompromising contraband who hakes you _is_ a trial, and it is bitterly cold work for feet and fingers, when you first come into your "blind" under the early dawn; but the blood soon warms up as the warning cries from the markers become more frequent; the pulse quickens as the dark specks or lines loom nearer, defined against the dull red or silvery gray of the sky-line; chills and shivers are all forgotten, as your first "red-head," pioneer of a whole "skeen" from the river -- crashes down yards behind you, on the hard, wet sand that fringes the bay.

    Border and Bastille

  • He suggested it might have involved one of several other agencies that work in the area. ~ read more not long after the radio program, someone from the town of ball was using yahoo search for "moon griffon ball police department:" ip number redacted the local media as far as we know have been totally silent on the whole thing. the audio of the moon griffon caller is here: audio link related posts fbi raids ball town hall oopsie: ball cops capture then release escaped federal inmate the strange death of heather-renee 'sarah skarina skeen

    we saw that...


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  • (n) an endorsement or agreement

    September 25, 2008