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  • proper n. A surname.


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Related to Kane, O'Kane, and is the Irish Ò'Calthán. The Keane family originated in Ulster.


  • KEANE ANNOUNCE NIGHT TRAIN AND ENGLISH FOREST TOUR Following the worldwide success of their third consecutive Number One album, Perfect Symmetry, Keane are pleased to announce details of a new eight-song EP and a tour of English forests.

    Interscope Records RSS Feed

  • "The complexities of health-care reform aren't going to be solved by a tax on soda pop," says Kevin Keane, a spokesman for the American Beverage Association, which represents the non-alcoholic beverage industry.

    Soda tax mulled as senators seek health overhaul money

  • But Kevin Keane, a spokesman for the American Beverage Association, which represents the non-alcoholic beverage industry, says the study "is not representative of real world eating habits, It picks and chooses what foods to look at with narrow presumptions about how foods might be substituted for one another."

    Study: People would lose 5 pounds a year if soda cost extra 18%

  • Kevin Keane, Senior Vice President of The American Beverage Association, a lobbying firm which represents the producers of non-alcoholic beverages including Coca Cola, Dr. Pepper, and Pepsi, says the president's proposal would amount to a new tax on the middle class.

    Could President Obama propose a soda tax?

  • With his unique instincts for performance, great art and storytelling, Keane is aiming to raise the bar still further in this newest telling of the classic fairy tale.

    Mad Dog Movies « Sneak Peeks from Disney’s Annual Report

  • Could I just say that: "Keane is music for people who don't really like music - it's like Coldplay and Travis"?

    Thirteen Senses

  • ON MY WAY HOME, I called Keane and told him I felt dizzy and that I was taking a sick day.

    The Quickie

  • They have some clearly dishonorable company in their ranks, though, and I'm one Democrat who thinks that Keane is to be commended for taking a clear stand against that dishonorable cohort.

    1000 words aren't needed...

  • Pepper Keane is an ex-JAG* and ex-boxer, and staying fit is an important part of his life - but I'm not particularly interested in reading about every detail of his exercise regime ... [and] the female characters are a little one-dimensional ...

    The Fractal Murders: Summary and book reviews of The Fractal Murders by Mark Cohen.

  • Keane is not related to former Irish captain Roy Keane, who was sent home after squabbling with coach Mick McCarthy. - 'The other' Keane nets draw for Ireland


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