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  • proper n. capital city of Mie prefecture, Japan.


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  • Mrs. Lu was apparently the same person as Li Sao-tse (Sao-tse, Sadze, or—in current Pinyin transliteration—Saozi means wife), who later married as her second husband the cook Li Hua (alternatively known as Chu) and went to work for the Thomson family, who called her Tsu Sadze or Ch’u Sao-tse (James Thomson and Nancy Thomson Waller interviews, NSC).


  • FIVE also intercepted the J series, which Japan’s Foreign Ministry called the Tsu code.


  • Quen said: I'm thinking of someone whose name begins with "Tsu" and ends in "kasa" ... Antenna

  • After she was widowed, Tsu Hsi ruled for forty-six years.

    Anchee Min - An interview with author

  • After all, as Lao Tsu wisely said, Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day.

    Olivia Rosewood: Please Meditate: Try the Tao (VIDEO)

  • During a past year you had a wish of assembly an Old China Hand, himself a Scottish Rite Mason, who, learning of my China background, asked me If you had any knowledge of an old Chinese organization identical to Masonry. you felt certain he had in thoughts a Wootsu Society (Woo definition 5, as good as Tsu definition Ancestor) or, in English, a Society of a Five Ancestors.,

    Batin Itam: The Li Blood Line

  • In the six hours ending 3am on Thursday, Tsu had 64mm of rainfall while a wind gust of 51mph was measured late on Wednesday in Choshi.

    Weatherwatch: Warmth dominates Europe

  • Lao-Tsu said it best: "A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step".

    Natasha Dern: Finding Success: Are You Doing What You Love?

  • Sun Tsu said "know your enemy and know yourself ...".

    Poll: Majority of Americans agree with Obama's Iran approach

  • Finally, neither the inward turn of the Inzikhistn nor the tortured lyric assertions of the Expressionists afford her definitive answers to the questions posed throughout her canon, most notably “Tsu vos?”

    Beyle Schaechter-Gottesman.


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