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  • intransitive v. To follow as a consequence or result. See Synonyms at follow.
  • intransitive v. To take place subsequently.

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  • v. To follow (a leader, inclination etc.).
  • v. To occur afterwards, as a result or effect.

from the GNU version of the Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • intransitive v. To follow or come afterward; to follow as a consequence or in chronological succession; to result
  • transitive v. To follow; to pursue; to follow and overtake.

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • To follow or follow after; pursue.
  • To come after; move behind in the same direction; follow.
  • To follow in order, or in a train of events or course of time; succeed; come after.
  • To follow as a consequence; result, as from premises.
  • Synonyms and Succeed, etc. (see follow); to arise, proceed, spring, result.

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  • v. issue or terminate (in a specified way, state, etc.); end


Middle English ensuen, from Old French ensuivre, ensu-, from Vulgar Latin *īnsequere, from Latin īnsequī, to follow closely : in-, intensive pref.; see en-1 + sequī, to follow; see sekw-1 in Indo-European roots.
(American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth Edition)
Late 14c., from Old French ensu-, preposition stem of ensivre ("follow close upon, come afterward") (French ensuivre), from Latin īnsequere, from īnsequi ("to pursue, follow, follow after; come next"), from in- ("upon") (see in-) + sequi ("follow") (see sequel). (Wiktionary)


  • A windfall profits tax is exactly how it sounds; it is a higher tax rate on profits that ensue from a sudden windfall gain to a particular company.

    Ah, gerrymandering. | RedState

  • Attacking Iran will finish off the U.S. empire — not that Iran could kill the USA, but the chaos that will ensue is going to be the final straw that kills the economically-sick USA.

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  • Joy: The very same "predictions" ensue from a theoretic holding that life evolves primarily through telic design.

    Beckwith on ID

  • The very same "predictions" ensue from a theoretic holding that life evolves primarily through telic design.

    Beckwith on ID

  • “If a particular cause, like the accidental result of a battle, has ruined a state,” wrote Montesquieu in considering the role of chance and contingency in the Roman case, “there was a general cause that made the downfall of this state ensue from a single battle.”

    Imperial Follies

  • Avoiding incidents like the one that was about to ensue is no doubt an unspoken reason as well.

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  • It's standard scientific procedure to consider the consequences which logically ensue from a proposed hypothesis.

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  • The other threat is that these tests are for perfecting weapons-bigger, more dangerous and more horrible, and this reminds everybody of the horrors that could ensue from a nuclear war, of which I have spoken.

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  • Death has been known to ensue from a mosquito's bite.

    Insulinde: Experiences of a Naturalist's Wife in the Eastern Archipelago

  • The adventure is never to be achieved; and, if Greek is to be dismissed from education, not the least of the sorrows that will ensue is English ignorance of Homer.

    Essays in Little


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