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  • abbr. quarter (of a year)
  • abbr. Games queen

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  • n. The seventeenth letter of the basic modern Latin alphabet.
  • n. IUPAC 1-letter abbreviation for glutamine
  • n. The seventeenth letter of the English alphabet, called cue and written in the Latin script.
  • n. The ordinal number seventeenth, derived from this letter of the English alphabet, called cue and written in the Latin script.
  • abbr. question or questions
  • abbr. quarter
  • abbr. the supposed common source of the Gospels of Mark and Luke (from German Quelle, source)
  • abbr. the Q factor in electronics
  • abbr. quasar
  • abbr. qualified
  • abbr. American Library Association Abbreviation for quarto, book size (25-30cm).
  • abbr. queen
  • proper n. The pseudonym of Sir Arthur Quiller-Couch


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  • Strictly speaking, If P then Q, ~P, therefore ~Q is invalid -- modus ponens is only valid if you affirm P; it's not if you deny it.

    Refutation in verse

  • They claim that these terms have no dependence on CO2 concentrations, but, of course, the equations that they wrote down do not include emission and absorption of radiation by molecules except by implication in Q and q.

    Rabett Run

  • During the inflationary phase of the universe gauge fields and their sources may have entered into condensate states which defined a BPS mass M ~ QQ*, for Q and Q* the “charge” of a field and Q* its dual.

    What’s the (Dark) Matter?

  • Then, the intersection of P1 and P2 at S constitutes a causal interaction if (1) P1 exhibits the characteristic Q before S, but it exhibits a modified characteristic Q* throughout an interval immediately following S; and (2) P2 exhibits R before S but it exhibits a modified characteristic

    Causal Processes

  • Then, a mark (consisting of a modification of Q into Q*), which has been introduced into process P by means of a single local interaction at a point A, is transmitted to point B if [and only if] P manifests the modification Q* at B and at all stages of the process between A and

    Causal Processes

  • Q--that's what we'll call him--wore his military BDUs and carried a rucksack to every class period; he would place the giant rucksack--loaded with something or other--in the aisle where others would have to take a running leap over it, and Q would stare disapprovingly at these other students who wanted to walk in the aisles.

    Not A Folk Singer

  • O² be the act of ordering a sea-battle and the act of ordering no sea-battle, and Q and Q² be the propositions that there will and will not be such a battle; and we substitute O and O² for S and


  • S², and Q and Q² for P and P², and "tomorrow" for "yesterday" in the argument above, then (if we make some obvious assumptions about the relation between what we order and what happens) we have a parallel argument which goes:


  • To apply this table for other lengths of pipe and pressure losses other than those assumed, let L = the length and d the diameter of the pipe, both in inches; l, the loss in pounds; Q, the weight under the conditions assumed in the table, and Q_ {1}, the weight for the changed conditions.

    Steam, Its Generation and Use

  • _P Q R_ = [phi], which is the angle of repose; that is, the thrust at any given point, _R_ = _R Q_ ÷ tan. [phi].

    Pressure, Resistance, and Stability of Earth American Society of Civil Engineers: Transactions, Paper No. 1174, Volume LXX, December 1910


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