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  • v. To continue or proceed as before.
  • v. To take baggage or luggage onto an airplane, rather than check it.
  • v. To have or maintain.
  • v. To act or behave; especially to misbehave so as to attract attention.
  • v. To have an illicit sexual liaison.

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  • v. misbehave badly; act in a silly or improper way
  • v. direct the course of; manage or control
  • v. keep or maintain in unaltered condition; cause to remain or last
  • v. continue talking


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  • They could not carry on the fight in the False Temple, neither could they join their fellows in the True Temple.


  • Inner-circle mating is of the utmost importance when you want to carry on a distinguished trait like three toes.

    Kiss It

  • That FINCO will take steps to float a limited liability company hereinafter referred to as the Company to carry on the business of producing and marketing wood charcoal in Sri Lanka.

    Strategic Management in Developing Countries Case Studies

  • And when a friend loves someone, and they die—to carry on those feelings, as lovers, or life-mates, or just as friends, is to honor their memory.

    Creative Couplings

  • Copse-work, as it was called, being an occupation which the secondary intelligence of the hands and arms could carry on without the sovereign attention of the head, allowed the minds of its professors to wander considerably from the objects before them; hence the tales, chronicles, and ramifications of family history which were recounted here were of a very exhaustive kind.


  • The Getae then packed as many of their women and children as they could carry on horses and rode for the endless grasslands to the north.

    Alexander the Great

  • I could imagine the nocturnal bombil hunt, the highlight of a daily cycle that had remained unchanged for thousands of years and would carry on long after Clay & Westminster, Jefferson Trust, and the whole of Wall Street had crumbled to dust.

    Walls of Silence

  • But one player he does believe can carry on for another season is skipper Weir, who celebrates his 40th birthday on Monday and who will pick up the Scottish Football Writers '

    TEAMtalk Football News

  • Darius armed all the soldiers who had lost their weapons from the storehouses of Ecbatana and sent out messengers to the neighboring tribes demanding soldiers to carry on the fight.

    Alexander the Great

  • Each milkman would generally carry on his bicycle two 40-liter cans.

    Strategic Management in Developing Countries Case Studies


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  • contronymic: continue / act improperly

    June 18, 2008