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  • n. Alternative spelling of garçon.


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  • Unhappily, I dropped my newspaper -- it fell under the Frenchmen's table; instead of calling the garcon, I was foolish enough to stoop for it myself.

    Pelham — Volume 01

  • A city directory would have been a surplusage, and we flattered the "garcon" by seeming to believe everything he said, exclaiming "Oh my!"

    Shakspere, Personal Recollections

  • I made my way up to garcon, where I learned to parlez-vous with customers along the lines of “Eighty-six on the escargots, lady.”

    In Which Mad Dog Kicks French Women's Bony Butts

  • Maybe ‘le garcon’ could get round to helping to “fix the dodgy starter sparkly, change the torch batteries and to seeing to whatever neeeds seeing to stop the fuses tripping in the fusebox” instead of boring you silly with his never ending monologues about his interminable poker games?

    words of wisdom

  • “Bonjour Mademoiselle et Monsieur,” our garcon says.

    Undine Spragg, International Cocktail Bitch

  • “Mais oui!” le garcon says with self-assurance, and calls the bartender over.

    Undine Spragg, International Cocktail Bitch

  • "I'll have the Cobb salad and the beeftournedos," she says, apparently mistaking me forun garcon.

    Quixote Bronson, Savior of Neglected Suburban Housewives

  • J'ai 37 ans, je suis marie et j'ai une fille de trois ans et un garcon de 1 an.

    joyeux - French Word-A-Day

  • Racists have always used the term "boy" to address adult black males in a servile role, waiters, drivers, gardeners, etc., the French equivalent of "garcon" for a waiter in the old days when the society was class-conscious.

    Rep. Davis (R-KY) Apologizes For Calling Obama "That Boy"

  • And while my tastebuds tried savoring the nuances of what was passing through, it was missing the rabble of enchiladas, ice cream sundaes and even a whole lobster flowing quickly past; next came a bottle of 1980 champagne along with a French garcon  (who had opened it and was preparing to pour some into glasses for two guests nonplussed at their sudden change in circumstances).

    The Taco Stand


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