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  • n. The quality of being wrong; error or fault

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  • n. The quality or state of being wrong; wrongfulness; error; fault.

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  • n. Crookedness; wryness; unevenness.
  • n. The state or condition of being wrong or erroneous; heinousness; faultiness.

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  • n. inappropriate conduct
  • n. contrary to conscience or morality
  • n. the quality of not conforming to fact or truth


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From Middle English wrongnesse, equivalent to wrong +‎ -ness.


  • In this case, that kind of wrongness is no doubt justified by an un-nuanced, absolutist view of the harms that file sharing causes – a view that the metaphors you give above also imply.

    Creative Control - Part 5

  • However, the main wrongness was in not getting his blade with my strong, and instead ending in a crap bind.

    zornhau: Old men can't spring..

  • Unfortunately the just plain factual wrongness is pretty typical.

    Bukiet on Brooklyn Books

  • Consistent with Angel's "soul" and Spike's "empathy chip" being at the root of their capacity for redemption, when the character of Fred becomes the demon Illyria, the precise nature of her wrongness is identified not as a nebulous and intrinsic (and pointless) malevolence, but as the entirely natural lack of empathy a predator has for its prey.

    Notes on Strange Fiction: Seams

  • The wrongness is in the belief that the state can provide the social structure and moral purpose that is the answer to crime.

    Archive 2007-08-26

  • Indeed, in saying that it is intrinsically neutral, that it should be viewed as an act in and of itself, applicable in contexts other than between a dominant and a marginal culture, I'm saying that it gains its value of rightness or wrongness from the context.

    The Power and the Piss

  • Just remember, kiddy-winkies: It's not wrong to be strange, the only wrongness is in not ADMITTING it.

    The Terrible Weapons Of SuperScience

  • The idea of wrongness in fact — failure, missing the mark — and the idea of wrongness in intention — injustice, iniquity — are the ideas respectively conveyed.

    Christian Doctrine of Sin

  • To free a man from suffering, he must be set right, put in health; and the health at the root of man's being, his rightness, is to be free from wrongness, that is, from sin.

    Hope of the Gospel

  • Children, whose brains are still developing, do not have adult moral judgment capabilities, and they will typically judge the "wrongness" of an action simply by the outcome of events, not by the intention of the actor.

    Dr. Douglas Fields: Of Two Minds on Morality


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  • Formal term of address for one who is wronger than the wrongest of the wrong.


    - "Do you deny that the square root of 49 is three?"

    - "No, your wrongness, I do not".

    August 15, 2010