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  • v. To move backwards, especially for a vehicle to do so.
  • v. To move a vehicle backwards.
  • v. To undo one's actions.
  • v. To reconsider one's thoughts.
  • v. To copy (data) as a security measure.
  • v. To provide support or the promise of support.
  • v. For the non-striker to take a few steps down the pitch, in preparation to taking a run, just as the bowler bowls the ball.
  • v. For a fielder to position himself behind the wicket (relative to a team-mate who is throwing the ball at the wicket) so as to stop the ball, and prevent overthrows.
  • v. to halt the flow or movement of something.

from the GNU version of the Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • intransitive v. to move in a reverse direction; -- used of vehicles or animals.
  • intransitive v. to accumulate due to a blockage of flow.
  • transitive v. to serve as a backup{3} for (another person or persons).
  • transitive v. to make a backup{5} of.

from WordNet 3.0 Copyright 2006 by Princeton University. All rights reserved.

  • v. give moral or psychological support, aid, or courage to
  • v. move backwards from a certain position
  • v. make a copy of (a computer file) especially for storage in another place as a security copy
  • v. establish as valid or genuine
  • v. become or cause to become obstructed


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  • But the confrontation had evidently put Miranda off her evening run; she turned and headed back up to the river road.


  • In the midst of simulating an abort, the astronauts, while some 47,000 feet above the lunar surface and on their way back up to the command module, switched their navigational control from PNGS to AGS.

    First Man

  • He quickly pulled his hands apart and looked back up to see one of the landing control crewmen, a short, wiry man named Al Dietz, walking toward him.

    The Ark

  • I pulled her cart over so she wouldnt have to walk all the way back for it, and after shed hunted for a while, in vain, and climbed back up onto the fairway, she saw her cart sitting there and delivered what I thought was a classic line: Out I vass, she said to me.

    The Italian Summer

  • Bounding back up the stairs, Griffin held out the penny to her mother.

    The Wish Stealers

  • I failed to see the Great Gallery in Horseshoe Canyon but I did hike almost two miles down a steep canyon trail, three more miles through a sandy wash to see the other galleries, and then hiked two miles back up the canyon wall.

    CSS: Shaping the New You

  • A brisk walk down to the “Y” in our dirt road and back up the other side took only 20 minutes and was up- and downhill.

    CSS: Shaping the New You

  • Heading back up the conveyor to the canopy-side transport station?


  • Climbing back up the steps and continuing west, we find some tumbledown shacks at the top of the path leading to the slipway.

    Historic walking trails: smugglers' routes in Cornwall

  • Lying on my back and using my hands and one good leg for support, I crab-crawl down the hill to where the fence drops off and ends in piles of rolled-up mesh wire clustered around a large hump in the ground, then claw my way back up the hill on the opposite side of the fence.

    The Madonnas of Echo Park


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