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  • v. Used other than as an idiom: see get,‎ together.
  • v. to meet, to gather together, to congregate
  • v. to accumulate, to gather
  • v. to agree
  • v. To start dating; to start being a couple.

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  • n. a small informal social gathering
  • v. get together socially or for a specific purpose
  • v. work together on a common enterprise of project
  • v. become part of; become a member of a group or organization
  • v. get people together


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  • We had a little over a month to get together the lard to deliver on our short sales or else pay up, but we hadn't had enough experience in the paying-up business to feel like engaging in it.

    Old Gorgon Graham

  • We have seen how language and memory get together to strengthen learning during discourse, how word retrieval is a language activity as well as a memory activity, and how verbal elaboration improves filing in memory.

    A Mind at a Time

  • Pacific, didn't pay enough attention to the United Nations and the other what we call multilateral forums where we all get together as nations.

    Interview with David Reyne and Kim Watkins, 9am with David and Kim - Transcript - The Hon Stephen Smith MP, Minister for Foreign Affairs

  • "Who would have thought I — she — would ever get together with Picka," Surprise said, seeming dazed.

    Stork Naked

  • That should be plenty of time to get together and move the Spads up to the area, but it is amazing how hard it can get to spot another aircraft at times.

    Thud Ridge

  • He met this woman whose great great-great-great-grandfather had owned slaves; but she had a good idea there was some craziness going on because they looked at each other and they decided that we know that the world as it has been it might not be possible for us to get together and have a child.

    Selma Voting Rights March Commemoration

  • He may be finishing another picture, but we will get together for a couple of evenings, run some pictures together, talk about an effect, a concept, a way of working, f-stops, light level, color level, focus.

    The Movie Business Book, Third Edition

  • Would you go visiting other families, or people come visit you, or get together with other neighbors or soforth?

    Oral History Interview with Johnnie Jones, August 27, 1976. Interview H-0273. Southern Oral History Program Collection (#4007)

  • Enterprising deviants had bored holes through the walls of the toilet stalls, enabling the occupants of adjoining shitters to get together for oral copulation.

    The Big Nowhere

  • A boxing guru that rivals Bert Randolph Sugar and Teddy Atlas, we get together for every super-fight, or alternatively, engage in first round, mid-fight and post-fight analysis over the phone.

    One Season


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