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  • v. To make a mess of; to untidy, disorder, soil, or muss.
  • v. To cause a problem with; to introduce an error or mistake in; to make muddled or confused; spoil; ruin.
  • v. To botch, bungle; to perform poorly on.
  • v. To make a mistake; to do something incorrectly; to perform poorly.
  • v. To cause (another person) to make unwanted mistakes in a given task, usually through distraction or obnoxious behavior.
  • v. To damage; injure.
  • v. To manhandle; beat up; rough up.
  • v. To discombobulate, utterly confuse, or confound psychologically; to throw into a state of mental disarray.


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  • We might have wrapped this mess up if we’d let the draug go after whoever killed it.”

    Old Tin Sorrows

  • Just don’t mess up anything until I get the final word from Washington.”


  • Oh, it were a mess up there at the convent, too; and rude words writ on the gate, and dirt put into the letter-boxes, and songs sung and all of them yowling like wolves.

    St Peter's Finger

  • They should've knowed better than to mess up the memories of a place before Tack got there.

    He Don't Know Him

  • "How would you like to really mess up the dream realm, prune-bosom?"

    Stork Naked

  • The Yanos mess up that narrative and show the random nature of the process.

    A Bob Lee Swagger eBook Boxed Set

  • “It’s mostly a boggy mess up there at the summit,” Count Ramscrest said, “But we haven’t had much rain this fall, so perhaps it’ll do.

    Conqueror's Moon

  • The City’s a mess up there, but you’ll have heard all about it.”

    Son of a Witch

  • It's worse for a man, she thought, remembering what Tooley had said: Hepatitis can mess up your liver — and your life, forever, if you're a man.

    Noble House


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