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  • n. Redness of the skin.

from WordNet 3.0 Copyright 2006 by Princeton University. All rights reserved.

  • n. a response of body tissues to injury or irritation; characterized by pain and swelling and redness and heat


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  • Hierom. et licet nos indignos dicimus et calidus rubor ora perfundat, attamen ad laudem suam intrinsecus animae laetantur.

    Anatomy of Melancholy

  • Or that we be staid before our betters, or in company we like not, or if anything molest and offend us, erubescentia turns to rubor, blushing to a continuate redness.

    Anatomy of Melancholy

  • Signa sunt cessatio ab omni opere insueto, privatio somni, suspiria crebra, rubor cum sit sermo de re amata, et commotio pulsus.

    Anatomy of Melancholy

  • All of which are the cardinal signs of inflammation known since ancient times: rubor, calor, tumor and dolor.

    Inflammation and diet | The Blog of Michael R. Eades, M.D.

  • Augustus primoque rudis flagrauerat aestu; nec nouus unde calor nec quid suspiria uellent, nouerat incipiens et adhuc ignarus amandi. non illi uenator equus, non spicula curae, 5 non iaculum torquere libet; mens omnis aberrat in uulnus quod fixit Amor. quam saepe medullis erupit gemitus! quotiens incanduit ore confessus secreta rubor nomenque beatum iniussae scripsere manus!

    The Marriage of Honorius and Maria

  • The discipline, my mind had undergone, Ne falleretur rotundo sono et versuum cursu, cincinnis, et floribus; sed ut inspiceret quidnam subesset, quae, sedes, quod firmamentum, quis fundus verbis; an figures essent mera ornatura et orationis fucus; vel sanguinis e materiae ipsius corde effluentis rubor quidam nativus et incalescentia genuina; -- removed all obstacles to the appreciation of excellence in style without diminishing my delight.

    Biographia Literaria

  • Ellas invertirán en productos de belleza desde labiales, delineadores, rubor, pintura de uñas, cremas, productos de limpieza facial etc.

    Kiva Loans

  • I realized that pain is just one manifestation of inflammation (dolor, rubor, tumor, calor = from medicine 101), but I did not know what caused the inflammation.

    Comments for Biotech Blog

  • WTF?? and Rosalie isnt a gorgeous as the Books describe's her ... they cut off the Dazzle and rubor on cheek of bella part ... that was kind of a big thing ..

    Entertainment Weekly's PopWatch

  • The last instance I attempted to, my keyboard got rubor and I had to hit it deloused at the Rustler Steak House down the street from my Pet Psychic's favorite Organic Food outlet.

    LXer Linux News

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