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  • adj. Well suited; appropriate; fit for a particular activity or purpose.
  • v. Used other than as an idiom: see cut,‎ out.
  • v. To refrain from (doing something, using something etc.), to stop/cease (doing something).
  • v. To remove, omit.
  • v. To oust, to replace.
  • v. To separate from a herd.
  • v. To stop working, to switch off; (of a person on the telephone etc.) to be inaudible, be disconnected.
  • v. To leave suddenly.
  • v. To arrange.
  • v. To intercept


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  • Mr. Green says franchises like "The Annoying Orange" are getting a shot at the big time as technology like apps and Web video allow the brads to cut out traditional middlemen and go straight to fans.

    'Annoying Orange' Gets Merchandise Savvy

  • And if I hear one more word about this wretched nephew of Monsieur DeFane, I will cut out the tongue of whoever speaks it.

    City of Glory

  • If we cut out the absurd, frivolous use of aluminum as a container for our beverages, we can put the tons of aluminum already in circulation into Stuff that makes sense, like to replace some steel to lighten up our modes of transportation, especially while these are still running on CO2-spewing fossil fuels.


  • Then the captain cut out two guards to remain with the lifesaving gear at the main tower until the other thirty-three returned to erect the remaining six or seven towers.

    Manifesting Michelangelo

  • For example, a change of just one amino acid at position 184 of one particular HIV enzyme causes a little bump that interferes with one drug.22 Another major drug target is a protein called HIV protease, which is a kind of special scissors needed to cut out some other viral proteins from their immature form.

    The Edge of Evolution

  • “When you say, ‘I can cut out twenty-five percent of your phone calls,’ they just want to know how fast you can do it and what it will cost,” Rhoney noted.


  • You can also draw or cut out pictures of birds, squirrels, and other friendly forest animals that might visit the Teddy Bear Tree House, and place them in the tree.

    pottytrain your child in just one day

  • "Thank you, Iowa," said Lester Goodin , using a pocketknife to cut out a chunk of fresh topsoil deposited across his 538 acres.

    After the Flood, Farmers Try to Dig In

  • Instead of cutting out clothes as you would for traditional paper dolls, in papes, you cut out already dressed models.

    Playing Together

  • The quick-thinking Hahnemann raced from his goal to cut out a chance for Bent after he beat the offside trap to reach Malbranque's through ball, but chances for the visitors were proving few and far between.

    TEAMtalk Football News


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