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  • n. A place of religious devotion or commemoration, such as:
  • n. a place where devotion is paid to a deity or deities, as in Shinto.
  • n. the tomb of a saint or other venerated person.
  • n. a location where an important event in the life of a holy person is thought to have occurred.
  • n. A container or receptacle for sacred relics; a reliquary.
  • n. A site hallowed by association with a revered person or object or with an important event: Independence Hall, shrine of American liberty.
  • transitive v. To enshrine.

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  • n. A holy or sacred place, which is dedicated to a specific deity, ancestor, hero, martyr, saint, or similar figure of awe and respect, at which said figure is venerated or worshipped.
  • v. To enshrine; to place reverently, as if in a shrine.

from the GNU version of the Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • n. A case, box, or receptacle, especially one in which are deposited sacred relics, as the bones of a saint.
  • n. Any sacred place, as an altar, tromb, or the like.
  • n. A place or object hallowed from its history or associations.
  • n. Short for Ancient Arabic Order of Nobles of the Mystic Shrine, a secret fraternal organization professedly originated by one Kalif Alu, a son-in-law of Mohammed, at Mecca, in the year of the Hegira 25 (about 646 a. d.) In the modern order, established in the United States in 1872, only Knights Templars or thirty-second degree Masons are eligible for admission, though the order itself is not Masonic. A member of the order is popularly called a Shriner, and the order itself is sometimes called the Shriners.
  • transitive v. To enshrine; to place reverently, as in a shrine.

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • To place in a shrine; enshrine; hence, figuratively, to deify or canonize.
  • To inclose in something suggestive of the great preciousness of what is inclosed: as, the jewel was shrined in a velvet casket.
  • n. A box; an ark; a chest.
  • n. A box for holding the bones of saints or other sacred relics; a reliquary.
  • n. Hence A tomb of a canonized or other sacred person; the mausoleum of a saint; a tomb of shrine-like configuration.
  • n. An altar, small chapel or temple, or other sacred object or place peculiarly consecrated to and supposed to be hallowed by the presence of some deity, saint, mythological hero, or other personality reputed sacred. See cut on following page, and cut under octastyle.
  • n. Erroneously, an image.
  • n. Metaphorically, a thing or place hallowed and consecrated by its history or past associations, or supposed to be the incarnation of some object of worship.
  • n. A charnel-house.

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  • n. a place of worship hallowed by association with some sacred thing or person
  • v. enclose in a shrine


from The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 4th Edition

Middle English, from Old English scrīn, box, from Latin scrīnium, case for books or papers.

from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

Middle English shryne, from Old English scrīn “reliquary, ark of the covenant”, from Latin scrinium “case or chest for books or papers”. Of unknown origin. Compare Old Norse skrin, Old High German skrini


  • Trubek finds the whole notion of "literary pilgrimages" perverse, and rightly points out that preserving a house as a shrine is a particularly costly, even downright wasteful form of "worship."

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  • Rising under the shrine is a lighthouse gleaming white in the day, and at night its turning lights brings boats safely home.

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  • The main building at each shrine is a simple thatched hut made of unpainted cypress wood in ancient Japanese style.

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  • With its golden dome, this 18th century shrine is one of the most prominent Sikh temples in Delhi and offers a moment of astonishingly tranquility, given its location, in its large inner courtyard, which features a large rectangular pool.

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  • This shrine is in the Church of the Company of Jesus in the city of Guanajuato.

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  • In Kashmir, plans to donate the land where the shrine is situated to the Shri Amarnthji Shrine Board sparked huge demonstrations by Muslims who believed that the federal government wanted to change the demographics of the area.

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  • After years of Bushitler it's uncool to use the word shrine and Obama in the same sentence?

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  • The shrine is the site of the two biblical Jewish temples.

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  • The pope, on a sentimental six-day homecoming tour of his native Bavaria, confined his sermon to the Virgin Mary, Jesus 'mother, to whom the Altoetting shrine is devoted. - Pope leads Mass at shrine in Germany

  • Richard Haag's illicit photograph of the 52nd reconstruction of the main Shinto shrine is not an Ansel Adams, but the admission of a supposed questionable provenance makes it quite personal and rather precious in a way that offering a simple project drawing does not but rather laughable.

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