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  • adj. Having no diacritical mark. Used of a word, syllable, or letter.
  • adj. Having weak stress or no stress, as in pronunciation or metrical rhythm.

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  • adj. Of a word, having no diacritical mark; accentless.
  • adj. Of a vowel or syllable, pronounced with no, or little stress.

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • Not accented; in music, receiving only a relatively slight rhythmical emphasis: used both of beats, pulses, or parts of measures, and of tones or notes that occur on such beats or parts.

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  • adj. (used of vowels or syllables) pronounced with little or no stress
  • adj. used of syllables


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un- +‎ accented


  • The time-travel scenes are unconvincing: Will runs into a Viking who speaks by grunting noncommittally and runs into some seventeenth-century Brits who speak in unaccented modern English.

    Archive 2007-10-01

  • When Fallows visited their home, he found adults returning from their daily commutes and children discussing their day’s studies in unaccented American English.

    Immigration: The Perpetual Controversy

  • Now India isn’t waiting, it is doing the more valuable mental work – in unaccented English.

    Corruption in Mexico - Bribetaking on TV

  • Ms. BLOOM: And he spoke completely unaccented English, was very charismatic, and I think that that in itself explains part of the difference between Gadahn and Awlaki.

    Two Americans Become Al-Qaida Media Strategists

  • An answer-word cannot start with an unaccented syllable.

    Connect The Unconnected Categories

  • I'll tell you we did not allow answers like bamboo and review because they start with unaccented syllables, so those didn't count.

    Why Not Add Y?

  • And the reason why he has such a great following in the West, more generally, is he speaks unaccented English, and he has sort of these touchstones, these cultural touchstones that he's able to reach out and grab people with.

    Raised In America And Aligned With Al-Qaida

  • And I said an answer word cannot start with an unaccented syllable.

    Why Not Add Y?

  • Yes, the characters in the cartoons had Asian names and whatnot, but almost all of them spoke in unaccented American English, with American mindsets and American colloquialisms.

    Last Airbender Trailer and Comments

  • Except for Mako's Iroh and that Indian guru who shows up out of nowhere, and a few others, most of the characters spoke unaccented American standard.

    Last Airbender Trailer and Comments


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