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  • abbr. acre
  • abbr. adjective
  • abbr. Latin anno (in the year)
  • abbr. Latin annus (year)
  • abbr. anode
  • abbr. answer
  • abbr. Latin ante (before)
  • abbr. anterior

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  • abbr. abbreviation
  • abbr. about
  • abbr. absent
  • abbr. absolute
  • abbr. abundant
  • abbr. acceleration, in feet per second.
  • abbr. accepted
  • abbr. accidental
  • abbr. account
  • abbr. acre; acres; acreage
  • abbr. acronym
  • abbr. act; acting
  • abbr. active; activity
  • abbr. adjective
  • abbr. adjutant
  • abbr. adult
  • abbr. aerial
  • abbr. afternoon
  • abbr. age
  • abbr. also
  • abbr. altitude; altitude intercept
  • abbr. alto
  • abbr. amateur
  • abbr. ampere
  • abbr. annealing
  • abbr. annō (in the year)
  • abbr. annually
  • abbr. annus (a year)
  • abbr. anonymous
  • abbr. answer
  • abbr. ante (before)
  • abbr. anterior
  • abbr. anthracite
  • abbr. apprentice
  • abbr. arc
  • abbr. are, ares
  • abbr. argent
  • abbr. assist, assists
  • abbr. at
  • abbr. atmosphere
  • abbr. attendance
  • abbr. audit, auditor
  • abbr. aunt
  • abbr. automatic
  • abbr. available
  • abbr. aviation, aviator
  • abbr. axis
  • abbr. azure


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